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October 28, 2016


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Dear Mr Simon
I'm very interesting your topic, I'll answer your questions.Please help to correct my mistakes, Thank you so much
- My name was named by my mom,She likes its sounds
- She explained my named: Phương Trang means looking forward to serious direction
- It 's unusal name in my country
- I never change my name because I am proud so much. In addition, It was named by my mom - I loves her most

Hi Simon,

sorry if my question is not related to the topic. If we want to talk about an animal in speaking, should we call the ANIMAL as "it", "him" or "her"?

1. My parents give me a good name following the text H with my two sisters.
2.of course, it does. My name is in the word of village of Vietnam.
3.well, my name is nice. SO it was chosen by many parents in Vietnam.
4.well, I have not think about it. But if yes.I like to change to Khanh Linh.

Dear Simon,
How is your day going? I want to ask you a question.
When the topic in speaking part 2 is describe an interesting traditional in your country,should i tell something about traditional festival or traditional custom or anything else?How am i to answer it?
The sincerity anticipates your reply.

Dear Simon
I feel disappointed about myself because I can not get 6 for listening. I did many tests in Melbourne. I did practice all listening tests in Cambridge book (7,8,9,10,11). I do not why I can not get any sound in real exams. It is unbelievable. Cambridge listening tests are more easier than real exams. Cambridge listening tests is clear, it is easy for me to follow what they are talking about. Please give me some advice

Hi Simon,

Here are my answers for your questions.

My mom is a deity Saibaba disciple and she likes the name very much.

Yes, because my name is a combination of two religions Hinduism and Islamism.

No, because my mom loves my name and also many people says to me that am perfect meaning to my name....

Well.... Its very familiar and common . You can find many people with the same name...

Simon please tell me if my answers are satisfactory

1,My first name is given by my father, which is the same as that of a local famous person.
2,Yes, it means a very big bird flying very high.
3,Yes, it is a very common name.
4,Actually, I have changed my name before, the new name is with same sounds but with different characters.

Dear Simon
Thank you for your explanations.They are perfect.
Here are my answers for your questions:
My first name is Bahieh.
1.My father selected this name for me,which has been chosen from an Arabic book.
2.Yes of course,It means very clearly,brightly.
3.It's an unusual name in my country Iran.
4.No,I really love my name and don't like to change it anytime.In my opinion it's so unique.
Bahieh R.A.

1) How did your parents choose your name?
My father had a friend who was very successful, not only in her career but also her family life. Hence, my father chosen her name to name me with his wish that I would be successful like her.
2) Does your name have any special meaning?
As I told you before, my name is not a name physically, it contains my father's love and hope.
3) Is your name common or unusual in your country?
You can find many people have the same name with mine, it is common name in my country.
4) If you could change your name, would you?
when I was a little girl, I hated my name because it sounded not interesting, I wanted more attractive name. But since I knew the reason my father chosen this name to give me, I am sure that I never want change my name any more because it proved that how much my father loved me and I am very proud to tell with everyone the story about my name.

Hi Simon:Thanks a lot for your kindly everyday-lesson,it really helps me a lot. But I still have several questions:1 In part 3 of the speaking test, the answer structure you suggest is: answer, explain,example, alternative, so what is the meaning of “alternative” here?the opposite? I tried to search online, but I still confused about that.2 the video lessons can not be used in my country, I asked my friend in the UK to download for me, but unfortunately, she said it can not be download there.So whether it is possible for you to upload the video in another version which can be used in most of the countries in the future?Thanks very much.

Its very helpful answers. 👍🏻

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