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October 14, 2016


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thanks Simon

Dear Simon
I want to asked you a question.
Here is a topic in Part 2: Describe a tall building in your hometown you like or dislike.
In fact,there is no tall building in my hometown.
Can I talk about the building in another city in the test? And start at the beginning like this: Frankly speaking, there isn't any tall buildings in my hometown and I am going to describe one in another city.


The question is 'relative', which means that the building doesn't need to be tall like a skyscraper - you could just describe a building which is a bit taller than other buildings in your hometown.

You could certainly describe a tall building in another town if you want - the examiner doesn't really care where the building is.

the coat was made of long lasting material, i've worn it many times and it still looks like new. this is also a multipurpose coat because i can even wear it inside out as a raincoat if i like.

This is a little bit ago but August27th in Tokyo Japan, my speaking exam was about App.
Something like...

Which App is popular in your country.

1-2 mins one was;
Which App do you like.
What is the name of App
Why do you like that App...

What do you think if kids use computers a lot.

I haven't been in my country for two years and I don't really use App much so I couldn't answer really well but still got 7, yay!
Hope it'll help someone.

The reason why I love to wear it everyday at the moment is that it is multi functional and so practical.
The hard wearing material makes it so wearable that even thought after years it still looks as new as it is just bought.


I'm looking for a speaking enthusiast whose requirement in speaking module should be at least 8 bands. Anyone befitting the criteria is requested to write me asap please.


The reason why i like this coat becouse of its multipurpose.

Hello simon.... i wanna talk to u about ielts.... plz can u provide me ur email id....

Which App do you like.
What is the name of App
Why do you like that App...

can we tell about whatsApp?

Dear simon,
It was my speaking topic and I unfortunately select shoes and describe them. Is it correct? We could consider shoes as pieces of clothing?
Thank you

Hi Simon
What if we choose to ignore the cue prompts but speak on the cue task fluently using good vocabulary.. would it affect the speaking score?

What can I give a speech on theme a piece of clothing you wore on a special occasion part 2

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