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October 07, 2016


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Simon or some who already knows the answer. I have a question. Please answer me.
I'm not able to manage time during my speaking part 2. Is it okay if I talk about last question first, after main explanations, since it is the most crucial question.


Yes, you don't have to address the points in order, and it doesn't matter if you don't cover all of them. I agree that the last point is usually they key one!

Dear Simon,
Is it too much if my writing task 2 essay contains about 350 words? I really find it's hard to manage the essay shorter when it belongs to cause-effect-solution

Hello Simon.

Thank you for the e-book. It helped me a lot. I recently took my IELTS exam. My task 2 question was "should women be allowed to join police force or not. discuss both views and give your opinion".
I wrote 4 paragraphs.
Para 1 : I paraphrased the question and then i wrote THIS ESSAY WILL DISCUSS BOTH VIEWS. (didnt give my opinion in intro)
para 2 : i started with ON ONE HAND and gave the advantages of women working in police and army.
para 3 : I started with ON THE OTHER HAND and i wrote disadvantages of this and FURTHERMORE gave my opinion.
para 4 : conclusion in which i wrote my conclusion and gave my opinion once again.

In task 1, i wrote about 232 words.

I got 6.5 in writing. Please advice me if i should go for recheck or not. I know you do not check essays, but all i need is just an advice if my coherence and cohesion and task response was right.

i got just 0.5 bands less in writing.


There is no maximum word count, so you won't lose marks. However, instead of writing so much, maybe you could slow down and try to improve the quality of your essays.



I would have put my opinion in the introduction, but otherwise your structure is fine. Good luck if you decide to get a re-mark.

Dear Simon,
How is your day going? I want to ask you a question.
When the topic in speaking part 2 is describe an interesting traditional in your country,should i tell something about traditional festival or traditional custom oranything else?How am i to answer it?
The sincerity anticipates your reply.

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