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October 21, 2016


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What if we can give a quality answer with complex sentence structure and at the same time perform good fluency? Are you suggesting that we give up doing our best?


When candidates try and speak with 'complex sentences', they almost always make more errors or sound unnatural. Part 1 of the speaking test is not the time to take risks - remember you want to make a native-like first impression.

Your 'best' in part 1 should be a demonstration of the ability to give short, direct, natural-sounding answers, and to answer without hesitating too much. This is not as easy as it sounds!

You should also do your best to answer appropriately. I could easily teach 'complex' structures, big words and quotations from Shakespeare, but then I wouldn't be doing my job properly - I would be preparing people in an inappropriate way.

Dear Simon, I was just wondering to know whether all the examiners especially from non speaking countries who's English also not first language are trained in such a keen and precise way to deal the examination?

I heard lots of fuss regarding 'writing' and 'speaking' that are subjective and varies widely.

If I answer a little bit short what would be their impression? And how to handle such situation?
Thanks in advance!

Thank you simon for making it clear to us about part 1 speaking. I'm using your techniques in part 1 by answering the questions and giving reasons.


I'm sure that all examiners treat task 1 as a simple warm-up, and their focus is on the candidates' fluency in this part. You can "show off" in parts 2 and 3.

Hi Simon,
Now everything is clear for me about part 1. I adore your method.
Thanks a lot for your advice.


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Really nice information, i want improve my speaking skills

Can share some tips on how crack IELTS speaking test?

I am glad that you clarified my query.

i m interested in speaking arsean syeed.how would we do speaking?

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