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October 16, 2016


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hi simon,
my exam is on 5th november. for this reason, i really need help. in ielts listening, shouldn't we write articles (a/an or the) if the task is table completion. last time, i was practicing with cambridge ielts 9 and i was allowed to write 3 words at the most. I lost 3 points because i wrote the articles. By the way, i checked the transcript and the women said exactly the same thing what i wrote. please help.

Hi Selin, I am going to sit on 5th November as well. Writing articles should be accepted if mentioned in the speech. Don't worry. But I answer requires only one word then maybe writing without article is better.

Hello Simon, I would like to ask you question about this question inTask 2 "it's ofton thought that the increase in juvenile crime can be attributed to violence in the media.
what do you think is the reason for a growth in the rate of juvenile crime?
what solutions can you offer to deal with this situation?" Shall I write my opinion here? If it is written " .... is the reason for ...." does this mean shall I write one reason?

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