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October 26, 2016


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Dear Simon,
Well, please post the whole article in your website as soon as possible. I am waiting for over a week, and I also wrote this topic by myself. I would like to see yours and have a check to correct mine! Thanks

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your great work. It's really helpful. I am from Bangladesh, and need to sit for IELTS as soon as possible. I have seen some of your video lessons. It's amazing. I wish I could get all of your video lessons. But I don't have Paypal account as it is not available for Bangladeshi people. So, how can I get the video lessons? I really need it. Could you please help me in this connection?

Hello Simon,

Is it possible to get band 6 from writing for someone who got 8 before?
I was puzzled when I learned that I got just 6 from writing. I am pretty sure that there were not any grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, as I had double checked both tasks. Also, I had reached 250 words. I had covered the topic, used some good vocab.
I have not got my certificate yet. Can online result be wrong?

Hi simon

Thanks for your explanation, very helpful

I have a question

Is it acceptable to write(balanced essay) in this way , please?

While I accept that extreme sports should not be allowed for some reasons (explain the reasons: the aim of some players is to earn money, they may suffer from injury.... ), I believe that allowing extreme sports can be beneficial in terms of entertainment for public and players.

One paragraph (detail) about that I agree with the banning of extreme sports for some reasons

The other paragraph(detail) about that I disagree with the banning of extreme sports for different reasons

Thank you


It is very easy to get a 6. I've said this before - IELTS has severe penalties, especially in Task 1 Academic (if you are doing academic) than can lead to a 4 or 5 in Task Achievement. Also, there are almost always errors in writing from non native English speakers.

Nevertheless, I often advise that if you receive a score that is at least one whole band under what you are expecting, and you feel you did well, then ask for a review.

IF ANYBODY KNOWS, Please answer.

During speaking part, suppose, I have already answered something then immediately I realize whatever I said is grammatically wrong. In these cases, should I repeat the answer with correction? If I will repeat, what will be the probable impact on examiners mind/my score?
1st Attempt: L6.5, R7.5, W6.0, S6.5
2nd Attempt: 05 November 2016.


If you say a word that is grammatically wrong and then immediately correct it, then that's fine. After more than a couple of seconds, it would be unnatural to go back and repeat a whole answer correctly. Also, it would fall under 'repetition' in Fluency, so that would possibly be negatively impacted. As a general rule, if you make a mistake, don't go back and correct it. One error won't impact your score very much.

Thanks sjm,

Apart from Simon, your comments and suggestions are undeniably usefull for the followers of this blog. Keep your good deeds. Highly Appreciated.
1st Attempt: L6.5, R7.5, W6.0, S6.5
2nd Attempt: 05 November 2016.

Thanks for keeping updating the website,and providing all these perfect tutorials,since we're unable to follow you on facebook in china.

Dear Simon
the second paragraph, you wrote " a final point is that this source of news is less damaging to the environment "
Is this point supposed to be fully extended ?

hello guys, today my essay task 2 was about: working for multinational organizations can help people to accept different cultures. to what extend do you agree or disagree.

Task 1 was simple Bar chart, G.Luck everyone

Thank you a lot Mr.Simon for your instructions and your efforts.


Remember that the "firstly, secondly, finally" points are in fact 'extensions' of the idea that you express in the topic sentence (first sentence of the paragraph).

Hi Simon,

I'm a bit confused by the "don't" part. You said that we should not mention what "some people believe" or what "other people think", as this is a "discussion" rather than an "opnion" essay. So I wonder if I could follow the "opinion" path for such questions given? I find that you did mention what people think in your last "high salaries" introduction, which responded to the task of "discussing both views".

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I appreciate your hard work and your very helpful lessons.

Thai Black

P/s: I'm Vietnamese. Thai is my first name.

Task 1, 29th Oct: bar chart regarding spending in electronic, hols & cloths, in 1993, with age groups.
Task2: is it good to understand others cultures by doing job in multinational companies, to what extent you agree

Speaking: cue card: encounter with wild animal

Please write some theme vocabulary for place & wild animal encounter


I am giving the IELTS exam on 19 Nov 2016 in Pakistan. Any guess or prediction for upcoming writing task 2 for GT. All the welcome here to gave their valuable input

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