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November 06, 2016


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Many days later a GT post. Thank you, Simon.

Today I attended my speaking test. It went well because the topic is a familiar one and I practiced before.

Speaking Part1:
Do you work or student?
Why do you choose the job?
Any plan to change the job?

Speaking Part 2:
Describe an advertisement you watched recently.
How you watched it.
What it was.
Why do you remember this?

Speaking part 3:
What kinds of products are advertising in your country mostly?
Any special regulation for advertisement?
How advertisement affect children?
Do you think more restriction is required? Why?
1st Test: L6.5, R7.5, W6.0 S6.5
2nd Test: Today

Dear Sir,

Do you have any plan to share GT Task-1 video lecture? I bought your all video lecture.

Do you provide sample answer of this letter?

SIMON, in writing task 1 is it ok to write: THE NUMBER OF COMMUTING RAIL PASSENGERS. it is just example from writing task 1. please tell me is it correct or incorrect in terms of grammar and logic.


Yes, I'm planning to use the above question in a video lesson next weekend!



Yes, that's fine.

thank you very much you!!!!

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to you about a plan of using your hotel to hold a company part recently.

Hi simon
I am perplexed...should a person join formal classroom or avoid doing so...pls suggest me....very confused

I really appreciate your help Simon. you are adorable.

Dear sir
I am writing to you for describing the details about your hotel that i have visited with my colleagues.

please tell me is it grammatically correct sentence or not.

teacher: I want to know this sentence:"the photos arrived this morning in the post",whether should modify to"these photos arrived...."


Dear Mr Brasier,

I am writing to give you some feedback on the party that I organised for my company at Four Seasons last Friday.

We were celebrating our new office in Thornbury and decided to have lunch followed by karaoke singing. It was a big party for our large group of 15 staff members and it was very successful.

We arrived 15 minutes later than scheduled due to the heavy traffic on that particular Friday afternoon but the waiters were so efficient that we could start our meal in the shortest time possible. The wine list offered a wide range of options and all the courses were well prepared. We were equally impressed by the decoration and facility in the karaoke lounge and we immensely enjoyed ourselves, singing from a large collection of popular songs.

Much as we enjoyed the party, I would like to suggest some changes that you can make to improve the hotel service to an even better standard. Some fresh flowers and pot plants would make the large dining room more lively. I also wish that a small playroom were available so that some of my colleagues could bring their children along.

I thank you and the staff for offering us a very pleasant time and I look forward to having another chance to visit your hotel.

Yours sincerely,

Natalie Taylor

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing with regard to the last week's party which held at your hotel.

We were celebrating my birthday at your hotel and the party ran smoothly because everything
was done correctly in order to satisfy our needs and make us happy. The small breaks outside during
the event was a right decision as it help us to relax.

Your cookers and waiters did a great job that is why we were so impressed with the service and
food quality.

However, in my opinion, a few improvements will make the hotel much better. First, more lights
could be added in the Main Hall because it was a little dark. Second, the structure of the tables and the chairs could be
changed, hence, people can move around easily.

On behalf of all my friends I would like to thank you for making my special day uniques.

Yours faithfully,

Artur Yolchyan

Dear Mr. Smith

I am writing to inform you of a party of my company being held in your hotel on next month 15th.

The party is for the celebration of 10th year anniversary of our company. Therefore,it is a big show and a very important meeting for us. The party will begin at 7:00pm, and it will last approximately 3 hours. In the party, there will be full of singing,dancing and address performances that are all acted by our company employees, in which we will present our work achievement,our solitary and our happiness from all aspects.

As you know, we held the company celebration party of 9th year anniversary in your hotel last year, which reached good effect, so basically, we satisfy the meeting service your hotel provides.

What‘s more, I suggest that you’d better appoint several staffs to conduct the car parking of our employees. Last year, there is no men for conducting which caused a mess in the underground parking lot of your hotel.

Yours faithfully

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to give you some feedback after the party that my company recently held at your hotel.

Last week, our company rent the main hall of your hotel and hosted our annual party. This party was regarded as one of the biggest events of our company. Every attendant would put on their gorgeous party costume. The party went on smoothly and all of us enjoyed ourselves.

I am glad that your hotel has provided a great service during this party. With quick response and warmly help, it earned appraisement from many of my colleagues. Now, your hotel is on the top of our list for our next annual party.

There was still a minor problem I noticed during this event. Due to the dimly lights, some of our anticipants could not find a waiter or waitress easily. One possible solution I may suggest, is that let those workers put something shining on their clothes, for example, a pin or a tiny electric torch. Hope my advice doesn’t border you too much and it would be highly appreciated if you put my advice into consideration.

Yours sincerely,

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