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November 19, 2016


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I guess if one is seeking 7.0 in IELTS one should know the traditional Dear Sir/Madam -> Yours faithfully, but it is such an anachronism in the modern world!

Hello simon , i have a quick question . I got general writing task 1 question is : describe new technology at home ? I choose iphone . I knw its nt perfect answer. I loose my grade completely in writing task 1 ? Please do respond . I am so much worried.

Thank you so much for a very helpful video!

Dear Simon,

I expect more GT video for all types of letters.

Thanks again for nice video

Its a very clear and helpful video, thank you, Simon!

I'm glad you like the video!

please sir put some more videos for letters

I'm making another video for this weekend.

thank you so much for the great video. it is really hepful to understand the real task.... thanks once again...

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