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November 13, 2016


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Thanks Simon,

I am sometimes confused if the letter should be written in a formal or semi-formal way? Also, sometimes, I am confused which words are formal or which words is semi-formal? for example: get married and get hitched.

If we use inappripriate words (regarding formality I mean), does it have a negative impact on our score?

should we avoid pronoun in task 1 ?
is it necessary to written task 1 in past tense ?

Do we have to paraphrase the situation or purpose of the letter at the beginning of the letter?

Hi Simon
Should we divide the letter in different part?
-- intro
-- overwieve
-- summary

Should we forget about semi formal? why don't we make it easy to remember only formal and informal instead?

Thank you Simon,

is it possible to make groups of GT task 1, such as letter to an authority, any organization, thnx giving etc and make a unique format of the groups?

I am very happy to hear that the video of GT writtibg task 1 is going to be available. Thanks for your effort, Mr. Simon.

Dear Simon,

I would like to know that is it necessary to put specific time/date/situation for writing a letter. If yes, how should we do that?

Thank you in advance

Hello My,

You made a good point, and Simon agrees with you.

See his blog of June 10, 2012 - it can be confusing to talk of 'semi-formal' language or 'semi-formal' letters, so study what Simon has to say in the blog.


i am sometimes confused sem--formal and formal letter.


Thanks for your questions. I'll make sure I answer them in my videos.

Dear Simon,
Hope it will be exciting and we are eagerly waiting to enjoy your vedio regarding pros and cons of GT writing 1.

Dear Simon,
It is obvious that a great and useful video as well as your task 2 videos will be out early.
thanks a lot.

Dear Simon,

I'm worried about thank you letter, for example, wedding. I worried because I don't know words about discribing beautiful things and delicous food. My vocabulary is poor about this topic.

Hi Simon
I would like to know from you that how i will incline my interest to write something i can write using different kinds grammatical variations but i fell bore to write.Would you please give me some suggestions how i can get rythme to improve my writing quality.

Hi Simon
Where should we include introduction of the person who is writing..till now doing it while starting para 2 , Is it correct??. Is it mandatory to include name??

Can we include Questions in letter, for example,
How many rooms will be available on ...(date)??
and make a list of these Questions??

Hi Simon,

Is it possible to share more on the insights of the mark which could impact the overall writing mark?

Is there any example with band reference for the task 1? How do we know if the task 1 could help marks in task 2?

Many thanks,

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