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November 11, 2016


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it is realy best tip of the day.

I suppose it's not because he only gives one tip a day, right?

Hi Simon
Thank you. i did not know that

thank you simon
so it does not matter if we keep seeing the note while speaking

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Dear All,

I am immensely confusing with the Question 6,Test A, General Reading, Cambridge 10.

while I believe that the correct answer is NG, Cambridge's Answer keys says True!

I would then appreciate if anyone can help me to understand the reason why Cambridge gives the True for this question.

I look forward receiving your response.

Kind Regards,

* Sir Simon, your response would also greatly be appreciated.


6 Smoke alarms give a warning sound to indicate that battery power is low.
"Your battery-powered smoke alarm will produce a short beep every 60 second to alert you when the battery is running out and needs replacing."
give = produce
warning sound = short beep
indicate = alert
battery power is low = battery is running out

@ Dina

Thank you for your response and very good attention.

To be honest, I had no problem with the fact that Battery-powered Smoke Alarm can produce an alert when it getting free of charge. I was strongly of the opinion that we are not aware of this capability for ALL types of Smoke Alarms mentioned in text, so, I thought that the correct answer is NG.

However, after reading the text more carefully, I was noticed that the other type of the Smoke Alarm; hard-wired, has not got battery by default. it can then be concluded that the question 6 "Smoke alarms give a warning sound to indicate that battery power is low" stands for just battery-powered smoke alarm.

Thank you again Dina.


Thank you dear Simon,
Is it necessary to include every time different categories vocabulary and synonym? if yes so please give me some advice what are main criteria of speaking.

dont the examiners take the question paper back after 1 minute, though?

No, they are not supposed to take it back.

thank you

Dear Simon,

It makes me confused, because most of the mentors say eye contact is very important. If i talk to someone without eye contact, does it look smart or polite?



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