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November 02, 2016


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Conclusion, it is not necessary to prevent extreme sports because these sports are not significantly dangerous influence for the human.

In conclusion, people should take part in sports which are highly risky only after undergoing a certain amount of training and such sports should not be banned completely.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that certain sports should not be banned since there are safety policies being implemented and the risks are disclosed to the adventure-seekers.

I think that people should not prohibit the extreme sports , as many players who perform them are trained , using protective equipment and following regulation and safety guidelines .

In conclusion,people have right to enjoy the sports they love so extreme games should not be prohibited completely.Moreover, I believe the risk factors can always be minimised by allowing the play under the supervision of experts.

In conclusion, I would argue that measures should be taken to ensure adequate safety during playing extreme challenging sports rather than a complete restriction on these kinds of games.

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Pleaseee simon let me know if it is good, will be waiting for my corrections , if there would be any. Thank you

In conclusion , extreme sports may give rise to dangerous accidents like anyother sport, but that is not enough reason to prohibit people from taking part in it , as it is preferred by some people. However rather than banning , teaching safety guides should be implemented and enforced to limit the hazards related to extreme sports.

In conclusion, I believe that extreme sports are dangerous, but if we take safety precautions we can alleviate the risks. Governments also need to respect the individuals freedom.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that it is an individual own responsibility to ensure the type of sports which can endanger their life should be carry out accordingly to the safety instructions, and with the support and advise from a professional. Thus, the authority has no rights to stop it as this is against human rights law in most country.

In conclusion, there is no need to ban extreme sports as clear regulations and satefy measure being applied and the following argument and inefficient implement of the law could also be forecasted.

In conclusion, extreme sports are just like driving a car, which has certain levels of risk but more to be enjoyed. It would be unwise and impossible to ban those activities. Everyone should have the right and fun doing sports they love.

In conclusion, I believe that people have a right to choose what they want to do in their leisure time.Consequently, government should respect individual freedom if some extreme sports comply with regulations and safety role shouldn't be banned.

In conclusion, the degree of danger depends on experience. By following rules and regulations and learning the proper techniques, anything is possible because "Impossible itself says I am possible" So,these sports should not be banned.

In conclusion, instead of making so much hue and cry about banning extreme sports, measures should be taken to make it more safe and enjoyable experience

In conclusion, the extreme sports is type of sports that need extra safety measures, and very good training before enrollment, in parallel no one have the right to ban extreme sports athletes.

To conclude, I completely disagree with those people who are saying that this kind of should be banned. Despite of having fact that sports are energetic and entertaining for the human being. To me, Sports must be encompass in our life style to keep fit and healthy.

To conclude, I completely disagree with those people who are saying that this kind of Sports should be banned. Despite of having fact that sports are energetic and entertaining for the human being. To me, Sports must be encompass in our life style to keep fit and healthy.

In conclusion, I suppose that extreme sports don't have to be banned if participants are trained necessary skills to ensure that they are completely safe in any bad situations.

In conclusion, the potential hazards of extreme sports can be largely avoided by following proper safety rules. Therefore, such activities should be open to the general public.

In conclusion, some sports may be dangerous but we can establish some safety regulations and methods to regulate these games rather than ban it. The government and society should respect the liberty of public actions and lead they do better.

In conclusion, there is no reason from government to prohibit extreme sports due to the risk and dangerous. However, rather than banning, the government should improve regulations and technology development to assure the safety.

Conclusion, there is no needed to ban extream sports. However, People have to prepare their safety to prevent injured and assure that noone will get trouble with your sport.

In conclusion, although adventurous sports are not out of risks, they can be pleasurable for many reasons. I tend to believe that people should be allowed to play them with adequate safety precautions.

To sum Up Whether extream sports are dangerous and should be banned is a mix blessing issue with various aspects but i however support the iddia that the government should improve regulations and technology development to assure the safety

In conclusion, because of level of risk the extreme sports has it bring to the people nowadays, it becomes a big issue of the government that resulted its prohibition. However, I believe these sports are not too dangerous as long as someone understands the possible danger it make cause and therefore, there is no reason to stop someone doing it.

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In conclusion, Instead of banning people to attend risky sports, government should have methods to train attendants how to play appropriately and how to release in case of dangers happened. The more limiting humans’ passion of sports, the more causing against by players.

In conclusion, I believe that extreme sports are far from being dangerous and thus people's participation in them should not be prohibited.

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A concise conclusion paraphrased from Simon's Introduction, deducted from various Task 2 essays by him.

In conclusion, though I believe that there are some extra risks in playing extreme sports than the other sports, but it also true that protective systems are utmost here. So, prohibition would be questionable.

In conclusion, despite its dangers, extreme sports should still should be encouraged. It brings us a lot of fantastic experiences. Therefore, government would not be banned it

In conclusion,it seems to me that banning of dangerous sporting activities is both unfair and impractical for the reasons mentioned above.

in conclusion when people participate in extreme sport they know the risk that follow and since there is regulation and rules the government would not banned it.

In conclusion, though this extreme sports may be somewhat dangerous for some, I believe that with enough knowledge and proper regulation of safety practices, it is not an indispensable reason to disallowed someone for engaging in this kind of recreation.

in conclusion,

In conclusion, I strongly believe that performing Extreme sports it’s a personal choice, and they are surely aware of all safety measures to safe themselves so no one from government or higher authority can do anything about it or put a ban on it with their own will.

In conclusion, I would argue that extreme sports are safe enough for people to enjoy by following instructions, and doing these sports should not be banned.

In conclusion,I strongly believe that it is hard time to stop partaker enjoied adventerous sports as a relaxtion,however,if,under authorities censor safe precessing.

In conclusion, I believe that risks attributed to extreme sports have been exaggerated and there is no necessity for governments to forbid them.

In conclusion, although the extreme sports have always potential accidents, their safe has been improving since people are well prepared in advance and protective equipment is frequently improved, and people have a freedom of choice on which sport they love so there is no reason to stop them from participating these sports.

Great essay with so many examples

In conclusion, we should not ban extreme sports. We should improve safety procedures and equipment so that extreme sports lovers and other people can enjoy these kind of sports and make them become less dangerous.


Thanks for sharing your conclusions. I'll read them and make a lesson about them over the next week.

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In conclusion, i think that it is impossible forbid people joined extreme sports,however, it is good time to highlight regulation not only government but organization

Hi Simon,

In the writing task 2 opinion essay, if the topic is "People think that the best way to address an issue is to do something" and I accept the idea in the first paragraph then mention alternative solutions in the second one, is this considered to be off-topic?

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In conclusion,I surely consider that the extreme sports should definitely not be banned and which are both beneficial all of us on physical and on psychological.In addition,increasing advanced technology should be given more importance in order to ensure safety of our sports life.

In conclusion, goverment should not concider extream sport being as a dangerous and restrict them to practice because I believe that the safety measures are provided to reduce the dangerouse risks.

In conclusion,I strongly disagree on banning extreme sports like sky diving and skiing as well as categorizing it to be very dangerous. I do believe that all sports has its risk and all people must be given free will to choose whatever sports they want to engage in as long as they know the risk involved.

In conclusion, I definitely disagree the idea to ban those extreme sports like skydiving or skiing by authorities. People should have the free choice to decide which kinds of activities they would like, government should only remind those involves to take appropriate safe measures and required training. As a result, people enjoy the delight from diverse sports,and the social would be full of harmony.

Hi Simon,it would be great if you let me know how to make two paragraphs structure from the question as you said

Hi simon could you please help me in making 'while' sentence, like you use in 'discuss both views '

In conclusion, for the reasons mentioned above, I completely disagree that extreme sports are too dangerous and should be prohibited.

In conclusion, a ban from government is not necessary and even not feasible. So, the best way to minimize accidents is enhancing safety equipment and procedure to play those games.

In conclusion,it is not sensible that governments forbid citizens to take part in extreme sports.I also believe that each sport activities has potential risks.

In conclusion,people should take part in extreme sports who have abundant knowledge and information regarding particular sport and also extreme sports should not be banned completely.

In conclusion, I think participating in extreme sports events can only be dangerous if there is no appropriate training prior to the activities. Moreover, a wide range of protections can reduce the risk of being hurt to a very large extent. Therefore, banning extreme sports may be overreact and impossible, let alone enacting laws in response to each kind of them.

In conclusion, I'd like to support the idea that everybody has a right to live his life as he wants. Banning extreme sport on a government level would not be a good exercise, instead should provide training in order to protect players from accident.

in conclusion, extreme sports should not be banned because of the reasons hereinabove

In conclusion, i think that we should be bold as long as we are well-trained and qualified enough to do this adventure, as i believe that nothing ventured, nothing gained.

In conclusion, extreme sports are more enjoyable than any other games in spite of having more risks and it should be allowed to people with necessary protection.

In conclusion, the said ultimate recreational activities should not be totally banned, but rather, the authorities, should regulate the proper rules and guidelines for the safety of the people.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that certain sports should nob be banned, but on another hand, all sportsman and adventure seekers, who are enjoying those vivid kinds of events, must always remember that safety first.

In conclusion i can say that Extreme sports never ban because many people likes the game and Government should proper take care of the sports like Solo,Climbing,Motor or car racing,base jumping,skydiving and so on.

Hi Simon, I noticed in your second paragraph "All sports involve some element of risk".

I think SOME ELEMENT should have S

Please correct me if i'm wrong


Your suggestion seems logical, but English often breaks the rules. It's very normal to use "some element of" in the singular.

A good example is the common phrase "some element of truth". Here's a Google search for example:


In conclusion , as it is a matter of personal choice to take part in adrenaline sports , we need to aware the protective measures to practice safely. We also need to count the rules and regulations respective of dangerous sports.

In conclusion, I do not believe that extreme sports are dangerous and therefore I do not agree with restricting people from enjoying such games for such a flimsy reason .

Hi Simon, I noticed that in the third paragraph, you wrote "....However, an even stronger argument against such a...". I cannot understand why you use 'however'. In my opinion, 'however' should connect with an opposite view compared the prior one, but in this case, both of two views are about disagreeing with the ban. Would it be better to substitute 'moreover' for 'however'?

Thanks, Leo

In conclusion,although extreme sports are really dangorouse,government should not prohibit them.

In conclusion, sports are being dangerous depend on the way of implementation and i believe that government should not banned these for freedom of choice

In conclusion, I believe goverment should encourage people to learn the risky and safty measures before they start those extreme sports, rather than banning.

Here is my essay about the same topic, any suggestions for improvement?

Every sport has a certain degree of danger when there are no precautions measures in place. Many individuals think that the thrilling sports such as skydiving and skiing should not be banned. However, I completely disagree with banning these sports as I believe it takes person independence from playing these games and learning such skills. Although, they are truly entertaining but it is necessary to take precautions to prevent any hazards.
Playing any game is someone personal choice and every individual can choose what they want to play with. Personally, I consider that restricting someone plays sensational sports should not be encouraged because the experience that the person gains from them is something that incomparable with any games. Why I am saying it confidently because I tried skydiving myself once, and it was a “bone-chilling” experience, and trust me I truly enjoyed it although it was scary initially, but it was truly mesmerising. Certainly, these sports are really exciting if they are played in a safe environment instead of prohibiting them.
On the other hand, it is necessary to take preventive measures when you indulge in these sports activities. It must that people should go through the safety instructions and understand it clearly before they can participate, and at the same time companies who organise these sporting activities adhere to the strict safety procedures and policies such as to use the quality safety equipment’s, instruction manuals and well-trained professionals. As a result, safety factors improve the players’ confidence and will have real fun and make their experiences special for them. Definitely, these sporting activities are exciting if all the safeguard features are in place.
In conclusion, I would argue that preventing someone from involving in exciting sports would certainly put restrictions on their freedom of personal choice, however, they can be played carefully in a safe place to avoid any potential threats.

In conclusion, extreme sports should not be prohibited by their dangerous appearances, that is the sportsman's choice to participate in and adventure seekers should follow the safety regulations while joining these sports.

In conclusion, prohibiting of extreme sports is not an equitable way because extreme sports are not as dangerous as some people consider

Hi Simon
why you are used "minimised" instead of "minimized" and
"practised " instead of "practiced

In conclusion, I strongly believe that such sports as sky diving and skiing are safe to be involved in and there is no reason for banning them by higher authorities.

In concludsion, under the protection of advanced equipment and sufficient training, I disagree the idea that the extrem sports should be banned.

In conclusion, I do think extreme sports can be enjoyed by people who are repared and trained carefully as well as they are fully aware of their health conditions.

in conclusion,i want to say that it all depend upon masses who enjoyed the extreme games while others who dont wants to play games.in my opinion,such ports like skydiving and skiing are played under the provision of trainers.

All in all, it seems to be irrational and also impractical to ban extreme sports, while nobody can doubt the necessity of following safety rules to reduce the intensity and frequency of incidents.

Hello Simon,
I have a little question about grammar. In the second parag, you wrote "Finally, the protective equipment and technology used in sports from motor racing to mountain climbing IS constantly improving safety".
I wonder why you don't use "ARE" in this case? I mean the subject is "the protective equipment AND technology"?

Hi Linh,

Yes, "are" would be fine too. I just grouped the two things together as if they were one "point" - we often do this in English.

Hi simon I've got a question regarding your rewording in the introduction part - "In recent years, extreme sports have become increasingly popular, and some people argue that governments should prohibit them", and then the second sentence follows up - "I completely disagree with the idea that these sports are too dangerous" - While this was the answer to the claim made in the topic question but was irrelevant to your first rewording sentence, isn't related to it. I mean you haven't reworded the reason as to why people think that they should be prohibited. Is what you did acceptable or it would be better to add the following - "...should prohibit them because they present greater risk for injuries and lethal accidents."

Hope I could get my point across.

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Some people argue that such sports as sky diving and skiing are too dangerous and should be prohibited, while I agree people taking part in those kinds of sports are very likely to be injured, I don’t think it have to be banned.

Extreme sports, as it means, are always associated with high risks, so danger might be inevitable and historically many people were seriously harmed by the accidents. For example, a lot of best drivers in Formula one car race were damaged or even killed. Some professional mountain climbers were buried deeply under the snow collapsed from the top of high mountain. The death toll of extreme sports is far higher than other conventional sports.

However, I do not think it should be banned completely. There might be some positive effects of extreme sports. First, extreme sports play a very important role in some inventions and progresses in our life. For example, modern plane and aviation industry would be impossible if without the courage and risk taking spirts of Wright Brother around one hundred years ago. World class motor racing also contribute greatly to the technology development of car industry which have been improving our daily life. Second, extreme sports are the best example of Olympic spirits which is faster, higher and stronger. Third, I think we should find ways to control the risks instead of total prohibition.

In conclusion, although I agree extreme sports are very dangerous, I think the benefits it brings outweigh those drawbacks and should not be banned.

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