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January 07, 2017


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Here is the video that I found. It is on the Ted-ed channel on youtube.

Thank you so much for your challenge - it gave me a chance to watch an interesting video in English.

My new thing of today is that a Ted talk about God and tsunami. It has given a whole new perception about our Lord. Anyway this Ted talk is such a good one to practice listening and pronunciation caused the Father speaks so much like you -Simon : Warm, Clear, and Full of emotion. I love your voice on the video course and so to him.

this is a link in case someone would like to see: https://www.ted.com/talks/tom_honey_on_god_and_the_tsunami

On such "down days" I like to read and watch BBC news. The one I found today was 1 min long with subtitles about gingerbread house.


For me I often listen to speech of Steven Jobs."How to live before you die" TeD Talk

I listen to "5 apple hacks" on Youtube.

Yesterday I watched Inferno, which is based on the novel by Dan Brown. There was a man wearing a beak mask. I was surprised that these well-known masks were worn by doctors during plague epidemics. Moreover I found out that nowadays there is plenty of handicraftsmen who make this type of masks. That is why I decided to choose this promotional video "about something that you have never thought about before today": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsFSdDcXAfU Don't be surprised: plague doctors used canes to examine patients.

Thanks for that challenge.:) On the day that mentioned I listen english podcast namely Luke English podcast. Morover , I'm obsessed by reading english books especially in detective genre

Hi everyone, I want to share the things that I do when I experience these quite annoying "down days".
Sometimes, I watch discovery channel, which mostly talks about science in general. One thing that I like in this TV channel is that I love to watch short film of "How it's Made?. In this short video, it talks about the process in making such kind of varieties of products that we used in our everyday life. In this TV show can help you to learn and add some list in your vocabularies. This is good for those who are having a hard time in writing a Process or diagram in the writing 1 (Academic).

Furthermore, you can also watch other documentary films that depicts the history of a person, thing , or a crucial event that made a positive turning point in our present day career or life.

You can listen to podcast, talks and other audio recording which can help to improve your listening skills...

You can also talk to your dog in English , while strolling in the park to practice your speaking skills.

Finally, do a lot of PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE!!!

Thanks for sharing your ideas guys!


Talking to your dog in English sounds interesting . I don't have a dog but I do have a parrot so let me start practicing with her . Guesss I have to be careful don't want to teach the birds wrong accent and bad language lol.

Today I've read an artical in BBC NEWS,it was about the side effects of detoxes. The artical presented a lady's experience with water detox. Following the beliefe of " water could wash the harmful elements out of our bodies" She drunk a larg mount of water and it resulted that her body callapsed. Thus ,it's beneficial to keep our bodies hydrated ,but drinking an extra water than relevant it could be as dangours as not drinking enough water.

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