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January 03, 2017


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Thanks Simon.

Hi..I have tried to purchase your ielts task 2 videos but unfortunately the name of my country, Pakistsn is not availabe in list. It is the mandatory information they are asking for.

thank you. very helpful

Good phrases to develop ideas.

Hi Simon

I would like to thanking you for your awesome tips and lessons.
I was wondering if you could post the answers for general writing Cambridge ielts 11, 4of them. I have always followed all your posts but you have not focused on general as well as academic.
I will have am exam and need your useful help, please.
Appreciate you I'm advance

Sorry for typos :-)

Hi simon. Ive question about formal opening sentence. "I HOPE ALL IS WELL WITH YOU" how do you think is this formal opening sentence?

thank you for sharing sharing such an helpful video of ilelts

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