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January 16, 2017


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Hi Simon
I found myself confused with reading the question first method , is it possible to read one paragraph then find the questions related to it in order to answer and do that one by one ?


No, I wouldn't do that.

Keep practising the method that I suggest - you shouldn't expect to be good at it straight away, but you'll improve as you get used to it.

Waah! This was exactly one from my last month's IELTS academic exam :-)

thank you simon

Dear Simon,

I kindly ask for your assistance. Thanks to your tips , i have improved my reading ,but there are still some question types that seems difficult. ( for example: Cambridge 10 Test 1 questions 27-30 Choose the correct letter A, B, C, D and reading passage 3 questions 31-40). I can easily do these questions if there are any key words in the question ( like name, city, year etc) but can not do these types due to lack of key words. ( especially 31-40) How these types are done?

Thanks in advance,

could you please answer my question , I need to explain why the answer in the ielts10 exam in reading test three the answer for question 7 in T/F/NG question is NG , I find the answer is false as mentioned in the text in paragraph c in the last two lines

another question in the same test about question 23 why is the answer is F, I find it true as mentioned in the text in paragraph D in the first two lines

Dear Simon,

Where is the passage relevant to this topic? I can't find it.

Dear Simon
You are genius

Thanks and regards


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