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January 28, 2017


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Hello Simon. I'm preparing for IELTS now. Today I bought a notebook I made a decision to join in your course by writing key strategies there. I have exam in 3 month and I would like to get 6.5 at least (I'm intermediate.) I'm in inspiration of your next lesson.) and let's do it together and see what heppens

Chocolet buiscuttes mousse pudding ice creames favourite snacks
color smell smoothness attractive
enhance feelings and awareness
precipitate headach like migrain

Dear Simon,

During a real IELTS speaking part 1, the examiner was asking me Do you like swimming? I was answering her question with reason (why I love swimming). But every question she was asking me with why after the main question, although I was giving the reason.


Part 1 has to last for at least 4 minutes 30 seconds. If the examiner thinks that your answers are too short and you will finish before this time, they can ask 'Why?' to make sure you fill the period. If the examiner is constantly asking 'Why?' then it's a sign that your answers need to be a bit longer (by adding more details) or you are speaking too fast, or both.

I understood. Thank you sjm for the diagnosis.

that was my questions in ielt speaking exam in tripoli ly dec2016

I have a question.

4) Do people give chocolate as a present in your country? When?

Yes, it's very common to give boxes of individual chocolates as a gift. You can give chocolates on any special occasion really: birthdays, Valentine's day, Easter, Christmas, and so on.

What is the meaning of individual chocolates?


Here's what I found when I put "individual chocolates" into Google:


Dear Mr. Simon
in your IELTS speaking video lessons video number 6 describe a concert I have a question why you`ve used the present simple tense all the time in your talk and not the past simple tense as the event was obviously in the past. thanks

Im looking for speaking partner

hi simon!i'm really confuse to describe the background statement of cue cad topic,as my teacher told us it's consist on 3 things your personal view about topic,general view about topic and the impact of topic in your life ,first we will build background statement then we touch other built points of cue card,is it right way to describe any cue card ?i 'm confused how to describe general view of any topic


I described an orchestra that plays every week or every month, so it wasn't a description of just one concert in the past.



I find that advice confusing too! Just do what the task tells you to do - describe the points on the card. That's it.

Thank You Mr. Simon

Hi simon!thank you very much,God bless you.i have one request to you please make one active study plan and share on blog for us because it's very hard for me to manage the time like how much time i do practice test reading,speaking other as well?how much time i required to spend on the general improvement of reading and listening? thanks.

I am preparing ielts, if there is someone what to practice speaking part, I hope you can contact to me. My email is 1575774950@qq.com. Thanks

Hello Simon,

I found your blogs very useful and helpful. I am struggling in writing and speaking module. I need 7 in writing and am not able to get more than 6.5 in it. what do you think is the reason that I am not getting the desire score. I took the test 3 times and got the same score. In speaking I need 8 but got 7.5 all three times. I am really confused. Do not where do I focus on ? Please help me. Thanks in advance

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