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January 18, 2017


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(not relevant to the lesson)

or whoever can clarify this pls help

My overview for ielts 11 wt1 practice test 1

Overall,it can be seen that in most part of the world water is mainly used for agricultural purposes.In contrast,domestic water use is used up by a minority of people in six areas of the world.In addition,an opposite trend can be seen in both North America and Europe wherein a significant proportion of water is used for industry.

It's a fact that overview must be in present tense.
Is it correct to write "is used up" "is used" or it should be was?

Pls help me with this.I'm confused.thanks!

Yes,this is exactly my main problem simon,
I'm seeking for such exercise
there are only 4 examples here,how can I find more to practice?

Dear simon !
i have a question regarding speaking test markings, can u guess what does the meaning of 18:55 which examiner wrote?


1. The overview is in the same tense as the time mentioned in the task. If the task is in the past, then put the overview in the past.

2. Don't write 'used up'. It has a different meaning to 'used'.


The examiner was making a note of the time (he or she probably wrote 8:55 meaning 8 minutes and 55 seconds).

used sth up is means :to finish a supply of something
e. g.The earth's resources are being used up at an alarming rate.

In contrast,domestic water use is used by a minority of people in six areas of the world.

Thanks 4 ur response

I thought even though task maybe in the past,we are summarizing or evaluating it NOW so verb should be in present tense.I thought wrong. Thanks again

Thanks simon for ur response..:)

Hello Simon,
Thanks for your great site.
There is a typo error in your sentence:
e.g. turning phones of in cinema - respect

e.g. turning phones off in cinema - respect

Thanks sami!

Dear Sir

I am a regular reader of your popular web. MY problem is I have no correction opportunities.I think sentence corrections are most of our common problems.

I appreciate you if you open a section for only sentence correction.


Dear Sir

I have written these two sentence. Could you please correct it?

Cigarettes disseminate poisonous smoke which lead to several human diseases and cause to death.

Cigarettes have had a malicious effect/elements that injurious to our health''


Hello Simon,

I try to write 2 different points from this subject. I disagree with the antisocial use of mobilephones, but I agree with the idea of prohibiting in some specific public areas. Would you think these ideas make any senses. Thank you for your advice.

In recent years, mobile phone has become a popular gadget for every people and the use of it in certain public areas has been regarded as antisocial as smoking. Personally, I disagree with that view but I agree that mobile phone use should be prohibited from some specific public areas.
It is certainly true that mobile phone use and smoking are precisely different impact on people health in public places, so cell phones are not regarded as antisocial as smoking. Cell phones are not only helpful in some emergency situation but also beneficial to users when they need information. Advantages of cell phones are greater than a computer in this decade. Although mobiles might cause a potential negative effect on people health due to their radiofrequency waves, there haven’t been any apparent evidence of this issue. Hence, mobile phone use in public areas is not an antisocial habit as same as smoking.
I agree with the idea that cell phones should be prohibited in certain public places such as in hospitals, in airplanes, at child care services. In one hand, it is true that radiofrequency wave energy might influence other equipment in hospital as well as in airplanes. In the other hand, a distraction of cell phone usage will impact other people in some areas where people need peace and quiet such as in hospitals, theatres or classrooms. Because of safety and privacy issues of other people in a certain place, cell phones use should be banned in these areas.
In conclusion, I believe that mobile phones are useful equipment to everybody and they need to be used in right ways at right places.

Dear Simon,

I am Leo Kim, 41 year old Korean.
I am living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and have plan to study in UK near future.

First of all, thank you very much for your marvelous and fantastic web site.
I took IELTS on Aug. 13, 2016 and Jan. 12, 2017.
The test results was as follows.
1. Aug. 13, 2016 (Overall 6, L:6.5, R:7, W:5.5, S:5.5)
2. Jan. 12, 2017 (Overall 6.5, L:6.5, R:7, W:6.0, S:6.0)
The required ielts scores for my post graduate major is overall 6.5 and no sub-test below 6.0, so I think I do not need to take ielts again.

For the first test, I did it to understand what ielts is.
However, I was so frustrated after checking the results.
The test results was somewhat different from what I expected.
Then, I have utilized your web site for making my own strategy for writing and speaking.
And I could realize and understand what the native English speakers’ writing structures and favorite words.

Without any help from other institutes, I could achieve the scores that I want to get by your website.
I hope to see you in Manchester near future.

Besides, I have never been to U.K and I do not have any knowledge about cities and places in U.K.
I have one episode as follows.
I have a British co-worker.
I check the location of Herriot Watt university and I found the location in the google map that it is located in Edinburg and it looks like near to Scotland.
I asked him “Edinburg is close to Scotland?”
He laughed a lot and said to me “Edinburg is the capital city of Scotland.”

I hope other gentlemen and ladies to get the scores that they want.
And also please keep in mind “Believe in Simon.”


Congratulations Leo. I'm glad my site helped you to get the scores you need. Best of luck with your plans!

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