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January 25, 2017


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is it possible to discuss all? hehe anyway, the first one's pretty interesting.

Hello Simon,
Thanks for asking our cooperations.
Number 3

I prefer number 3, as I think we have less ideas about this topic.


The question 3 is more difficult to me.

i prefer NO.1 because NO.2 is a real question on 07/Jan/17 IETLS writing, NO.3 is a bit old.

Thanks Simon.

i prefer no3

I like number 1.

Dear Simon and all,
I have worked out a detailed planned for the first essay question. I really look forward to receiving feedbacks from you all.

Essay plan: Partly agree
Body 1: I agree that technology destroys some of the traditional cultures:
- Technology makes life more modern -> ppl forget about traditional values
E.g.: The custom of visiting relatives during the new year may be lost since ppl can make contact and exchange wishes with their relatives via social platforms such as skype and facebook.
- Advanced technolgy is more appealing to children, attracting them away from cultural traditions
E.g.: Young children just want to play computer games rather than going outside to enjoy the national festivals.

Body 2: However, there are certain deep-rooted traditions that can never be eradicated:
- E.g.: The custom of sending greeting cards and presents during Christmas and New year is still widely practised in many countries.
- These traditions have been established a long time ago and become an intrisic part of our lives
- Besides, schools are giving more importance to education about national traditions, which will sustain and enhance the interest of youngsters in these traditional values.

I guess I will go for 1, simply because I think it is much more difficult than the other 2 topics.

I would say number -1

Hi Simon,

I am sufering with ielts writing. I already took ielts and got only 6 in writing so i again started with preparations. Kindly guide me am i correct or not for the following question.

Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be better spent elsewhere.
To what extent do you agree with this view?


I do agree that government should invest funds on other services such as education system, health care system etc.

BP1- money spend on arts

BP2- it can better spend elsewhere.


is it write way to write both body paragraphs about to spend money on elsewhere.

Thanks and Regards,


First question please

Dear Simon, I think that we had done no.1 and 2 previously and seems easy and common topics these days. But No.3 seems more challenging and need more specific vocabularies and Grammar.

I think it is better to work on the first one because it looks difficult to create suitable ideas for it.


my choice is number 1

The first question is seemingly difficult. Please help us with it. The third one comes next!

Number 1 please

Thank you very much

3. because it looks harder than the rest.

I vote for number 3. No idea how to answer it at all then next 1 would be 1.

Topic 3 please

Hi Simon,

Would you mind please writing an essay for the latter one in the next's lesson. Thank you.

Dear Simon,

You have focused more on opinion essay compared to "positive and negative development". Therefore in my opinion, it would be better have a spotlight on Some universities now offer their courses on the Internet so that people everywhere can study them. Is this a positive or negative development?

Hi simon

I agree with hakaader's opinion, and you already wrote essays about technology, business and economy. However, offering courses on the Internet sounds new and it is trendy now.

Thank you for your commitment here and I really admir your writing.

I would suggest 1.

1 & 2

I think we should work on No.3

Nowadays, countries like to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with
each other for several reasons. Many people argue that environment issues
such as global warming, preservation of natural habitat of rare species and
detrimental effects of nuclear energy could only be solved with mutual
efforts. Others claim that nations join hands in order to achieve lucrative
business opportunities around the globe.

There is no denying that global warming is the biggest threat to the
environment. That should be tackled on an emergency basis, one of the
reason is that a large number of people are exploring and exploiting
natural resources for the sake of their own benefits, which is damaging the
environment on larger extent. Many countries have set up organisations that
are researching on the causes and will proposed solutions to the problems.
They are expecting to form some standards and legislation based on their
research that would help on depletion of such issues.

On the other hand, many international food and hotel chains are expanding
worldwide that are the source of employment for many people in developing
countries. Another big advantage is to get potential labours in cheap rate,
for example, the biggest giant of information technology ‘Apple’ has all
its production in China because of low wages of workers and free if cost
electricity provided by the Chinese government, thus tremendously helping
both countries, as apple has low production cost and thus have huge profit
margins, while people of china are getting jobs and their government are
enjoying tax on the development and sales of each item of products,.

To sum up, I would like to say that international cooperation is essential
for the mutual benefits of countries, thus has significant positive effects
on their economy and also create a new horizon of opportunities for their

i think we had done no.1 so please discuss another .

no. 3

Hi Simon,
I vote for Topic Number 1.

Essay Outline:

Disagree with the view.

Traditional cultures of a nation are always preserved by governments and citizens regardless of technology development.
- Traditions are passed from one generation to others which are not affected negatively by technology advance.
- Traditions are a distinct feature of a country which are not underminded by technology.

Technology advance would create a convenience of supporting and promoting traditions.
- Technology might help people approach traditions easily
- Technology could become a new mean of tradition promotion.

I want all of them to be worked on. And,it doesn't matter to me that which one should be the next topic. Haha.

The third one

I vote for 1 Sımon.
Thanks anyway.

No 1 please, I really struggle with finding synonyms for 'traditional cultures' and 'technologes'

topic 1 please

Topic 2:

In recent years an increasing number of colleges and universities are offering their courses online. In my opinion, this trend has positive effects on an individual and the whole society.

The rise of education can be seen as positive for both personal and broader economic reasons. On the individual level, online programs can be a more affordable option than traditional colleges and universities to many less affluent families. Though not all online degrees have less expensive tuition fees than traditional ones, associate costs are almost always less expensive. For example, there are no commuting costs, and sometimes there is not any required materials, such as textbooks because these are often available for free online. Beside this, online courses provide a great flexibility, especially for students who need to balance their work and family commitments. As course materials is always accessible online, there is no need to schedule special trips to university campus. Hence, an increase in the number of students, from professionals to high school graduates to enhance their education through online course can be seen as a positive development.

From economic perspective, the universities may profit from expanding the ratio of online learning to classroom teaching, lowering their costs. For example, by reducing space and infrastructure costs as well as cutting development and support costs through shared services can improve their productivity and costs impacts. As a result of this savings, public spending on education can possibly reduced and this can have an impact of cutting government spending.

In conclusion, the increase of online courses offering will have beneficial effects on individuals and on the society.

(267 words)

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number 3

Number 3 pleaseeeeeee

Number 3 please

Hi everyone,

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Some people believe that the main benefit of international cooperation is the protection of the environment, while others think that the main benefits are in the world of business. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Today, we do not belong to a big planet Earth. We are part of a small global village. This has lead to a greater need for international cooperation in many crucial issues such as poverty, starvation, environmental protection, terrorism and global warming. Some individuals are of the opinion that the main benefit of global cooperation has been in protection of the environment, but others hold the view that the main benefit is in international trade. In this essay I intend to delve into both views and finally give my opinion.

International cooperation does contribute a lot in environmental protection. First of all many governments have realized that it is a grave issue and have taken steps to aware the masses of the simple steps they can take to save the environment. Then, the Kyoto agreement was signed by many countries in the United Nations Charter that they would not set up any industry which would emit more than 5.2% carbon dioxide. The role of international cooperation in world business is self evident. Today, we can buy any foreign brand like Reebok and Nike in our country and our Indian brands like Videocon have touched the international market. This has brought the economy of developing countries quite close to the developed ones.

In my opinion, although a lot has been done in both areas, a lot more needs to be done in the field of environment. The steps already taken are not enough and the governments need to tackle this issue on a war-footing. The rate at which global warming is occurring will transform the whole Earth into a boiling pot one day and
leave it un-inhabitable. Summing up, international co-operation has benefited the world business much more than the environment.

Plan followed
Intro: Discuss essay intro
Para 1: What has been done internationally for environment
Para 2: What has been done internationally for business
Para 3: own view – a lot more needs to be done for the environment
Conclusion: More has been done for trade than environment

Thanks Sophie for 2nd topic! :)

no 3 please

Number 1 please sir...because i think its difficult to collect points on cultural and technological blend

number3... I think it seems to be difficult.

Hi Simon,
you are doing the best .
could you please ans this essay?
In some schools and universities, girls tend to chose art subjects (like language) and boys tend to chose science subject (such as physics). What are the reasons for this trend? Do you think that this trend should be changed.
14 Jan IELTS academic exam Melbourne.

Q1 is more challenging for most of us here, so I suggest this one.

pls help us with No.1

2 !!

Technology aids forprevalence of traditions
Tv radio internet media give modal telecast of festivals traditionally.
people tend to copy them
cooking eating in ospicious time by all citizens
awake patriotism, religious beliefs

Thanks Manu for the topic of "In some schools and universities, girls tend to chose art subjects (like language) and boys tend to chose science subject (such as physics). What are the reasons for this trend? Do you think that this trend should be changed."

Here is my answer to this topic:

There has been a difference in subject preference between girls who often enrol in art classes and boys who tend to study science. This could be explained by several reasons, and in my opinion it is better not to apply any changes to this tendency.

There are several reasons why different genders prefer different school subjects, and I believe that the primary reason is due to gender-specific personalities and competence. To be more specific, while female students are attracted to subjects that require tremendous self-discipline and patience like language classes, male students seem to share a common interest in several fields that need considerable analytical abilities to excel at, such as physics and maths. It has also been proven that each two sexes show distinct competence and excellence at their favoured types of subject. Female and male students would therefore prefer to participate in classes they are best at.

In my view, it is rather unnecessary to make changes to this tendency. Students should be allowed freely choose the environment where they can best cultivate their aptitudes. If they were forced to take part in unwanted classes, it would produce undesirable outcomes, especially resentment or negative attitudes toward study at school. On the other hand, students who believe they have a voice in decision-making are more likely to be academically motivated than those who do not have. In other words, individuals who are given freedom are more motivated to make advantageous contributions to field they have chosen themselves, which brings benefits to the society as whole.

In conclusion, distinct characteristics and competence between males and females are the main causes for their tendencies toward choosing preferable subjects to study at schools or universities, and students should be entitled to participate in any class they find suitable.

(296 words)

Hi Simon,

Could you please assess my following essay?


It is believed that technology advance would result in the disappearance of traditional cultures, and there is an incompatibility between technology and traditions. From my point of view, I totally disagree with the opinion above and believe that technology and traditions are able to co-exist and support each other.
Traditional cultures of a nation are always preserved by governments and citizens regardless of technology development. Firstly, traditions are usually passed from one generation to others by words of mouth which could be clearly seen in families as parents educate their children about cultural values. Secondly, traditions are a culturally distinct feature of a country which is always promoted since they are one of main factors that draws the international attention. For example, the Australian government has been introducing the indigenous cultures for several decades since the Internet was not invented till now when communication technology has been dramatically developed.
Technology advance makes the cultural promotion become much more convenient than ever. People, nowadays, could look into their country's cultures easily with technological aid such as the Internet that allows them to search any information they are looking for. Moreover, it is rather popular to see people consider technology as a mean of introducing cultures. To illustrate, the important cultural events in Vietnam such as the traditional New Year or Moon Festival are always promoted on mass media, on the Internet in order to tell everyone about them as well as attracting more tourists to join.
In conclusion, technology development would not cause traditional cultures to disappear but could also help promote the cultures.

In my opinion, we should work on question 2. The statement given is short, paraphrasing such a short statement we still get a short intro. That will be my problem with such short statements.

Thank you

Hi Simon,

I am confusing the ideas that have given in topic 3. Would you mean about the influence of international cooperation in the host countries ? I don't understand how these companies can get benefit from environment protection ? because they intend to damage the environment than protection it.

I might focus too much on this topic. Would you be able to explain more detail.

Thank you!

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