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February 26, 2017


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Hi Simon/SJM,

In Cambridge IELTS 11 book, listing test 1 question 18 answer is barbecue. Is it ok to write BBQ in exam? will they accept it as correct answer?


Dear Jeff,
I do not think they will accept BBQ. IELTS is kinda like a formal academic test, you should write it full: barbeque.

Dear simon

How about idiomatic expressions? Its needed for band 9 ryt?


The people who mark listening and reading tests receive a list of answers, and sometimes they are given a few different variations. It is not possible to say if 'BBQ' would be accepted. I suspect it might be, because many natives use 'BBQ'.


You don't need 'idiomatic expressions' to reach band 9 in writing. You just need all your language to be 'natural' (native-like). If all your vocabulary is natural, and you use a 'wide range' then you will automatically use sophisticated phrases that reflect mastery of English.

Hi SJM and Nam,

Thank you very much for your answer.

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Hello sir how I develop more idea regarding task2& how I get good band in reading & listening ,pls help me

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