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February 10, 2017


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In my case, it was the writing process of my diploma work at university. Actually you have three months to write it. You are given the task and the theme of your diploma of three months before the date of exam. I wrote it for two days.

task 2 what website u often visit? Why? Whats the importance ? How long uve been using?what do you like abt it?

Hi Simon. I was just wondering if you could show me why you wrote " I found interesting". Because I think interesting is an Adjective! Thank you

One of the most important and pivotal invention cduring this century is computer.this equipment provide us with several ways of communications,such as,Facebook, searching wibsites and chatting programs.Among all of these my favorite is the Facebook,thanks for the person who programmed this site.Facebook help me to communicate with all the members of my family and relatives.Besides being useful in business it is an amusement way to have fun.
Due to the pressure of the hardships of life it is difficult to communicate with our lovers, family and friends in the ordenary and conventional ways.Theres no time to visit our friends or have a walk with them. Facebook have solved this proplem , while you are staying at your home or even at your wark you can see, talk, congratulate and take someone's advice.It also has a significant role in connecting peoples that are faraway places and have fun together.
Facebook is a good source for having fun and enjoy our lives without spending lots of money, for example many games can be played for free or even a little charges, you can see the images of many places and take the other experiences in certain places or tours, farther more you can book for your trips online.
For all the above I consider the Facebook is one of the most valuable and easy mean to use.inspit of being a little cause of wasting time but man can manage that easly. Overall veiowing of its advantages and disadvantage, the upper hand is for its benefits,that is why it is my favorite.

Dear Simon!
I am going to talk about my period when I was really busy. It was couple years ago during my study at the university.
I was completely busy then because I had prepared to my exams. They were very difficult and preplexing.
I managed quite difficult with this situation since I had worked almost 24/7 and passed my exams quite successful.
I had felt myself very anxious and exhausting because it was very baffling situation and I felt the lack of sleep on that moment.

BTW Thank you very much for topics! I am going to pass IELTS soon. Is my speaking which is above quite appropriate?

Nguyen ngoc son,

It's very normal in English to describe feelings using the verb "find":

- I found it (e.g. the exam) difficult.
- I found it (e.g. the book) interesting.
- I found it stressful.


hi simon, in the sentence:"I had been procrastinating and putting it off for week" .i was just wondering why you use the past perfect continuous tense in this case because the action finished in the past.Can you explain it for me please?
thank you

I used to get this topic and I said about a time when i have to finish my project essay. After I finished, the examiner pointed his finger on the word "a time" and he said it should be duration of a day, like busy in the morning or in the evening something like that.

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