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February 03, 2017


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For this speech I would like to chose topic 1. ie. finishing study project.

It was last quarter of 2008 and I was in final year of my bachelor degree.
During this period I was really busy as I had to complete my final year project while getting ready for final year exam.
At very first day I realized that I have to make a proper time table for both works. Otherwise I have to lose either final year project or exam both are equally important to complete my degree. Though I spent few hours to make that plan it was really helpful for me to manage both task without getting much stress.
Even though I had a plan and time table for my works I had to work 15-18 hours per day with few hours rest. some days I felt that I almost died. But after having some rest and watching a movie or listing a song I was able to reduce my stress up to certain level.

Hello Simon,
I just got my IELTS results today and I got band 8.0 overall! I think what surprised me the most was my Speaking band score which is 8.5 because when I was studying for this section, I didn't even have a partner to practice with or have anyone to give me advice or judge me directly, I only followed your tips and studied your model answers! Also, during the test, I even completely forgot to use the fancy opening phrases I prepared beforehand bc I was so focused on giving direct and straight to the point answers, along with relevant explanation and examples here and there. So that really shows how irrelevant the lengthy opening phrases (that some teachers in my place keeps telling people to memorize) are and that your techniques work amazingly! So thank you Mr Simon for making these extremely useful lessons for students like me! I will come back to this blog and community in a couple of years when I retake the exam! I wish you the best of luck in your life & I hope you stay happy and healthy 24/7!!!

That's great news egg!

I'm glad you forgot to use your "fancy opening phrases" and that you believed in my advice instead!

Any one interested in practising English speaking please add me on skype at piyush.patel2005

Dear simon!
Please tell me how to improve from6.5 to 7 in speaking test please?? I am stuck on 6.5 in consecutively 2 tests

Hi Simon. I never take such exams. I just passed CET-4,CET-6,and PETS 5(Public English Test System-Level 5). I don't know how to prepare for it . So I need your advices. Thank you.

I'm going to describe about the time I was so busy on last month when I had only 3 days to perform a song with my co-workers in my Company's Party at the end of Lunar Year.
I was so busy because I still spent time on working in airport and then preparing for our performance. I got information about this party just before 3 days, and my boss gave me request for this.
As you may know, standing in the stage to show a performance is not easy, it will take more time if we perform with more people. Therefore, I had to make plan, and step by step to do this song. I chose a song with 2 my co - workers,and we practiced the lyrics by ourselves, then we practiced with the song's beat at 2 hours of the first day, on the second day we practiced dancing together about 2 hours. Next, we found the clothes for this perform. It was not easy to find due to my partner was oversize. On the final day that we would show the song, we planed to go to the place early and practiced before the time beginning. With all efforts, we did had a great performance and heard a lots of clapping from audiences.

Frankly, I felt a quite nervous for this duty, Working on the company took me 9 hours, I had really a short time to prepare. Passing this time with a good planning, I believe that the good result will come.

Thanks a lot but how can I improve reading module. Please give me some effective and efficiency tips and techniques.... On my email 📧

Hi,any one is interested for speaking partner?

-When this was
I am going to describe a time when I get extremely busy. I still remember that our company intended to launch a new product last year and therefore a proposed design of the product had to be completed before it went to the next process. My boss pointed me out to handle this project and set a deadline for a month since the project given. I had to hurry to meet the deadline.

-Why you were so busy
There was only a month to finish the design and I killed around 2 weeks due to assignment pressure. I was so overwhelmed that I was falling behind my schedule for my coursework as it was complicated. I stopped working at 4:00 p.m. After getting home from work, I resumed detailing the product design straight away and also browsed the internet. Those day were really tought. I had to burn the midnight oil, otherwise I failed to submit the task on time. Thus, I would need to enroll the same course in a new session and started from scratch.

-How you managed the situation
With my work and assignment, I had too much on my plate. I had to be able to deal with different task with different deadline without getting myself in a muddle. In this case, I made a to-do list to arrange which one should be prioritised.

-And explain how you felt at the time
This was a tight-schedule month that I have ever experienced. I forgot to look after myself and missed several episodes of korean drama because of strict routine. But, I am so excited I was finally completed the assignment and work project after sacrificing a lot. Apart from that, I passed this course with flying colours and made the project run successfully.

Corcker's answer to this one should be good since he's usually too busy to answer his phone!

Hi Phil :)

It was my last few monthes before I graduated from university. To do so, I had to finish my graduation thesis but I didn't search enough information to support the idea I proposed in it. And my mantor kept bringing pressure on me, which made me so scared of that I could't pass the final task from school. At the same time I was in a intership in Uber Shanghai group with social media operation. They hired interns rather than formal stuffs to lower their official prices, which brought out the problem that interns had no responsibility to stick on the job the company offered. They can go when came to some other important things, which cause the work pressure falling on the one who were still stay. And I was the "lucky" one been put pressure on. I had to write and layout everyday's wechat pushing massage . And planed what was going to pushing next week on every friday. Our team member and I always stay night in office. And in the city like Shanghai people spent at least What is more, we usually launched activities on weekends, which means I had to stay in office and report the activitis at in real time. And it supposed to be my paper time. I suggested my leader to recruite some intern but it didn't work. Works were still there or even more. I had no choice but to speak to my leader asking 3 weeks leave to finish my paper, and then back to work. 3 weeks gave me enough time to finish graduation paper but I left my work to my team menbers. I was so sorry to say that out. They might blame me and I deserve it.

In many occasions in my life i get stressed, but last two months i was extraordinarily stressed. my boss assigned me for a quality officer post and after one month from the assignation time; an international team will visit our company for accreditation purposes. I had a huge responsibilities on my shoulder as i have to get myself familiar with more than thirty quality policies and also to familiarize my colleagues with them. in order for the job to be done in one month, i go for team work strategy and active learning methods. so i assigned 5 policies for every employee to understand, implement and then present the policy in front of the other colleagues and vice versa. at the beginning i thought i can not fulfill this duty, i felt stressed, sometimes depressed and not safe at all. however; after 15 days when my strategy worked well and i got a positive interaction from my colleagues i felt a little relief which made me go ahead tell it got it done.

Hello Simon,
Could you show me how to find or prepare vocabulary "themes" ?
Ex: An enjoyable game(chess).
What are the source of vocabulary for vocabulary "themes"?
Thank you,

Hello simon sir,

I would like to request how to improve my speaking?
I cant doing this,i got inspired by your blog and when it came to practise time i stuck after 2-3 sentences though having knowlede about it.My ielts exam is coming soon that's why i am so afraid..please help me sir

Hi Simon. Now l'm studying for ilets and want to get 7-8 from speaking test .can u give me some advice

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