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February 17, 2017


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My friend sent me the full cue card of question 1. Here it is:
Describe a café that you have been to.
youu should say:
· Where it is
· Why you went there
· What you ate or drank and explain why you liked or disliked it.
Yes, I think that we can use ideas and vocabs from topics that we have previously prepared.
I think that I would combine vocabulary of different topics to answer the whole task.
For example:

Point 1: where:
use city & town vocab: slap-bang, downtown, outside a residential area, next to shopping centre/ mall, on the suburbs

Point 2: why:
friend topic: meet up with friends, get together with old classmates, wind down, chill out, get away from hustles and bustles

Point 3: what ate/ drank:
use Food and drink vocab:
+ light snack, grab a bite, have sweet toooth ( pudding), tender well-done steak ( I love steak^^)
+ non-alcoholic drinks, savour sips of cappuchino

Point 4: express my opinion
+ well-known for coffee quality --> scent --> make my mouth water, whet my appitite ( coffee addict)
+ offer relaxing atmosphere--> wind down, chat with friends
I can only come up with some ideas like those.

I think the answer follow the wh questions like when, where, who and how do you feel?
1. I can talk about the cafe which by chance I went with my colleagues. add more ideas: price of drink, the decorations of cafe, the service quality and give my feeling wonder i want to come back or not.
2. I will talk about the independent day of my country, it is so important because it is the end of 30 - year war and it was the first time both two regions South and North are united. The ideas: when it happened, where (in my country), how it happened (explain the army forces defeated the South government which had the support from the enemies outside the country), why do you think it is important (i think this is the idea to talk more, because it brought the united in my country, the economy would increase and all of our residents had not suffered from the depression and split between 2 areas of one nation), the feeling (so amaze with the best thing that my ascent did for my life now, the best life to live and i admit to work better to contribute my part to the developing of my country).
3.The idea:
when: in holiday, my sister's son, my nephew often visits me one week and stay with me and my family.
where: I take him go to the zoo which is far from my house about 10 kilometers. this is so suitable for my nephews not only because of a bunch of games, but also because of the diversity of animals which's necessary to help him study in real. The other place i often go with him and my sister is supermarket where is so spacial and his active characteristic will be spread in this space, he can run while I and my sister choose the fruits or something else. At the evening, i read for him and play with him, he is so nice, smart because he always asks me some he doesn't listen from the story I read for him, sometimes I felt tired with many of his questions.

the feeling: happy but tired.

this is combined with two topics :
one is a place ( a cafe )
another is the food ( ate/ drank )

I have been going to our university cafe since August 20,2016.It is beautifully/picturesquely situated on the east side of the konkuk university lake.
The cafe is famous for its Americano coffee with some classic korean snacks.I love it. I go there with my friends on and off in every week. Certainly special korean cuisine available there only during lunch time.
I used to go to this cafe firstly, It has spacious inner accommodation and enchanting surroundings.All the furniture of the cafe is wood made with a spread glass windows so that customers can enjoy the beauty of outer surroundings/or lush green environment.
You can get fresh-made snacks and lunch with an affordable price.
Finally, there is a big terrace in the cafe having an opportunity of barbecue.We often organize a barbecue party with plenty of drinks which is available in this cafe.

Thanks Nam!

Dear Teacher Simon,
I am so glad to see your response. I do not know how to subscribe the comments below each lesson, so I may as well scroll down and check if there are any more new comments on previous lessons at times, so that I can learn more from you and others.It's kinda inconvenient.

Here are 2 more full cue cards of the the rest 2 questions which I came across on Facebook.
2. Describe an important event in history.
You should say:
· What it was
· When and where it happened
· Who took part in the event
· And explain why you think it was important.
3. Describe an occasion that you spent time with a child.
You should say:
· When it was
· Who you spent time with
· What you did And whether you liked it.

Dear Mr. Simon,

I am studying the lessons on your website . thanks for all attempts you put to teach the English, its very helpful.

My question is : how can I filter the website to see just speaking part 2 ?

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

I would like to give answers for the first topic: Describe a café that you have been to.
you should say:
· Where it is
· Why you went there
· What you ate or drank and explain why you liked or disliked it.
My answer:
I go to St. Luci cafe on my university campus every two weeks. This cafe is beautifully located at the center of our university campus and close to a tennis court. The reason I went there last time was for a meeting with my teacher. Both of use love this place because it has high-quality coffee. Customers coming to this cafe can drink genuine Espresso coffee and eat lunch with affordable price. Moreover, customers can enjoy very peaceful atmosphere created by lush green environment. Every time I come to this cafe, I drink a small cup of cappuccino and by becoming a loyal customer, I get a free coffee after 10 times. I really like this cafe and look forward to the next meeting with my teacher there.

Hi Solmaz,

Just use the Google search technique described here:


Use "speaking part 2" as your search words.

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