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February 18, 2017


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Thank you, Teacher Simon !

Dear Teacher Simon,
Which word can I use to replace "keep up with" in "keeping up with the lastest trends"? I'm worried that the phrasal verb "keep up with" sounds informal in writing
Thank you!


Hi Simon, may I ask a question about vocabularies? I was reading an article about economy. It says:"Yet if Brexit was a political earthquake, Scotland has suffered a less-noticed economic earthquake, too." So my question is - which word is stronger when we try to describe the economy is getting worse the "economic earthquake", "economic crisis" or "economic recession"?

Thanks in advance.

Dear Simon,

I would like to thank you for your efforts by placing daily assignments and precious tips on your web-site, I follow them on daily basis. I am about to appear for IELTS-General Module on April 08, 2017 and doing self-study from the official Cambridge set.

I have a query on the reading module I practice through the Cambridge books. I prefer to read the paragraphs of academic module and it takes about 45-minutes for me to complete each section instead of 20-minutes. It consumes more time of my preparations. On the other side, when I attempt for the general reading module, I am able to finish off the whole test (all sections) in 50-minutes.

I request you to suggest me if I can continue with my readings of academic modules that consume much time or to practice the general reading modules only.

Best regards,


'economic earthquake' is not a commonly used expression in English and you should definitely not use it in an essay. The writer is using it 'figuratively' or 'poetically' and it would sound wrong in almost every other case.


'keep up with' is not informal and you should use it. Alternatively you could use 'follow'.

Thank you very much, Sjm!
Best wishes!

Hi, Sjm. Thanks for putting my nerves at ease!

Sports that are harmful for environment:

harmful at professional level

1. Skydiving:plane requires constant refueling
2. Soccer: constantly traveling around the glove.
burning plenty of fossil fuels around the way
3.NASCAR: emit pollution
events draw large crowd of people
4. Skiing and snowboarding: energy goes into making gear
5. Golf: use 4 billion gallons water everday

Hi simon what is the correct form of spelling of this expression - "communications technologies" or "communication technologies" or "communications technology" ? I'm quite puzzled,
could you please clear it up ?

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