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February 23, 2017


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According to the diagram, there are eight main stages as salmon develops from eggs to mature adult. Salmon travel to three different places during the cycle, moving from the river to estuary to ocean and back.

In spawning season, salmon always migrate from ocean back to river where they were born before. In here, the eggs are spawned and incubated, then there are emergence of tadpoles, these are grew to be freshwater little fishes later on.

Be continued the growing path, salmon start to move from river to estuary rearing and ocean which is the latest destination of their journey. Ocean is the most of rearing area for salmon grows and gains the maturation.

And finally, when the next spawning season be back, the salmon needs to migrate from ocean back to estuary to river. Their life cycle will repeat accordingly.

Hi Simon

I noticed that you didn't write the articles with "egg" and "mature adult". Is there a reason for that? and also you didn't write "s" with the verb in "Salmon travel".

How to know Salmon should be singular or plural ?

The given diagram shows the lifecycle of salmon.Usually it completes within 6 stages from birth to maturity.
As can be seen from the pictorial figure , it is clear that the lifecycle begins when the matured salmon laid eggs in river .After the certain incubation period the fish begins to emerge and grow up in fresh water.Following the esturary phase they depends on esturary areas .
After this stage the salmon moves towards the ocean where they grows into a maturity.Thereafter a mature salmon migrates again to spawning areas in river where they again begins the new cycle.
Overall,it is evident that the lifecycle completes under the tremendous stages from laying eggs to full development.

Hello sir I have one question, how is it possible third paragraph related to the introduction

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