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February 22, 2017


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thanks a lot Simon for providing us with free lessons

This is indeed an efficient way and saves time. Thank you Simon.

Ohh thank you so much Teacher Simon.
I will practice doing that right away!

Thanks so much for this!

Very effective method actually, again thank you!

A quick question please: if I'm asked to discuss 2 opposing views and give my opinion (e.g. a question structured like this: discuss both these views and give your own opinion), does it matter if I give my opinion in the introduction or in the conclusion part?


You must give your opinion 'throughout' the essay, so put it in the introduction AND conclusion.

Does writing only one example in the essay decreases the band score?

Alright, thank you.


No. There is no requirement to give a certain number of examples. However, examples use specific and detailed vocabulary, so it can help your vocabulary score if you include more than one.

Dear Simon
When I watched your video about your planning, I actually could not make notes about my ideas in brainstroming. I think very complex and could not simplify my idea in 2 words or even make it beriefly. . So, when I am going to develop them , they would not be fully organised. How could I overcome this problem? I thoroughly understand the topic and I have some ideas but I could not write then down.

Dear simon , i like your specific format in writing structures , BUT i have a problem now , when i practiced 1 sentence summary , 2 sentences introduction , the number of words is less than required . My summary 15 words only in a sentence , introduction 35 words , that is means it need 100 in each body paragraph which i did not reach to it.

what is your advice ?
anyone had my problem dear learners ?

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