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March 05, 2017


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Hi Simon
Thank you for your advice about writing task.
I have a question: Some dictionary uses number after words. As higher number as usually word.
What is your opinion about this.

They look like words used in SAT^^

Hi Simon
Thanks for your great website.
I took IELTS yesterday and my speaking part 2 question was
Describe an activity you enjoy that is expensive.
I talked about eating in expensive restaurants with my friends. And I explained in the begining that this activity can be very expensive. And I used some band 7+ vocabulary. Can I get high score as I think my answer was off topic.


There is no real 'off topic' in the speaking test, unless you talk about something that is completely irrelevant. Eating out in restaurants is clearly an activity, and it certainly can be expensive so there is no chance of you being penalised for this.

Dear Sjm,
Thank you!!!

Dear Sjm,
Thank you for your reassurance.
The thing that worried me is the examiner in the beginning of part 3 said let's talk about expensive things apart from food. So I felt I was off topic.

No, you weren't. The examiner just wanted to hear your vocabulary in other areas.

Dear sjm,
Thanks a lot

Thank you for your tips. I really appreciate tips and tricks like this, it somehow give me more confidence to know what I am expected to use. Please keep up the good work.

Dear Mr. Simon
I really appreciate your efforts that made this site extremely helpful. some of my friends got higher bands using exclusively your material. I hope that you do not mind posting your advice and recommendations in some IELTS groups. Thank you. Asem

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