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March 28, 2017


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Thank you for sharing.

Next time can we listen to something motivational. I think that it is very useful because there were times I wanted to give up, doubted myself, thought that I was stupid or not talented in studying English because I couln't understand or label a diagram in Listening or couln't speak out a word in Speaking Part 3. These recordings kept me patient and carrying on. I think it is very important when I'm studying Ielts.

I think that the recording you posted above is very useful for me in the future, when I apply for a job, so I have saved it on my Youtube!

Hello Simon! I always feel uncertain about what verb tense should I use in Part 2,when I'm going to discribe an interesting advert or movie I have seen in the past? I'm confused if I should use present tense or past tense or I should always use 'ing' in this situation. This is the essay I wrote for Part 2.Could you point out mistakes and explain the tense ?l really hope that you could help me. Thanks a lot!

The first time I saw it was about two months ago,in the winter vocation when I was watching TV with my parents. I saw this attractive commercial.

At the beginning of commercials, the band is giving a performance at a pub and the song that they sing is brisk and a lively. The lyrics are very funny. They goes just as 'lets go party party all night'. Actually the name of the song is called party animal. There are a lot of beautiful and vigorous young boys and girls dancing and singing in front of the stage. The scenery looks really gorgeous and the luxury. Then what to my surprise was that everyone of them just pulls out a bottle of yogurt and the says 'cheers 'to each other. The commercial didn't come to an end. In the next episode,the five boys in this band are doing some outdoor activities such as joking or riding a bike. Of course,meanwhile,drinking yogurts.
Looking forward to your reply!Best wishes!😘

Dear Simon/SJM/Others,

In order to improve my IELTS score from 6 to 7 in each areas (R/L/W/S) (under general module), how many hours per week should I work?
Your support on this matter will be highly appreciated.


Dear Mr. Simon,

I beg pardon for off topic question. I am practicing IELTS with British Council. Yesterday my teacher said that, IELTS listening is case sensitive, Uppercase/Lowercase mismatch will be considered as wrong answer. But I have heard from other sources that, listening is case insensitive. Which one can I trust.
Writing all Uppercase requires more time and bizarre to me.
Thanks in advance.


Just do as much work as you can fit into your schedule!



That advice is wrong. They don't care at all about upper / lower case in the listening and reading tests.

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