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March 07, 2017


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Thanks Simon for give such a wonderful test
its bit difficult from last section to read all questions because there is only 20 seconds hardly.
my score is 27/30

my score is 27/40

Yesterday was 30 for another test from Cambridge’s books

Today 29 :(

I haven't tried the website before. But thank you so much, Teacher Simon, from now on, I will start to use it. It's very useful.
My score is 37/40.
This afternoon I found out some other websites which you guys may want to check out. They offer free practice tests, too. I haven't used them before, so I dont know if they really offer good tests.

just 24/40
My aim is 6.0 at listening but im very worry about this is not the real test.

in the listening part, if I using a word which same meaning the real answer (ex. instead of write word "finance management" instead of answer "money management" . so, what will happen with that?

Dear Truong Hung,
Your answer would be incorrect. You must use the words in the recording only.

WOW! Such a wonderful idea about time perspective in section 4!
That was completely new to me.
Regardless of the value for IELTS exam preparation, the content was quite rich.
Thank you Simon for sharing it.

Thank you very much! It helps me a lot! Very useful!

Thanku you ...it hepls me

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