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March 14, 2017


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Thank you for your recommendation.

Oh my God it is such a useful and fantastic website! There are a lot of topics such as Politics, Environmental Polullution, Loss of spieces,... The interface is colorful, very adorable, there are many lovely animated pictures like a cute polar bear in a post I have just listened to, it's like an educational tool for elementary kids^^ I can listen at whichever pace I want to, because there is choices of slow and fast pace. I love it, because I love colors. And I love you, Teacher Simon! <3 ^^

Hi Simon,

I am so grateful for every site you shared to us. You have previously given links such as Psychologytoday and Brightside. I find them very valuable, so I dedicate my whole time to reading those. I derive much benefit from this habit which is not only improving my reading comprehension, but also expanding my vocabulary.

Thank you very much. No words for you


Thanks guys. I'm glad you like the sites that I recommend!

Voice Of America offers a slow-reading programme for English learners too.
It's a 30-minute audio programme that native American English speakers present news, English grammar(or expressions) and other stories on a daily basis. Yes, this programme does not have a day-off. Just follow the link below to access the show.


WOW, it is the great site not for me but also for my kids. Many thanks for this, Simon. You are a great man.

Thank you Simon, this website has many trending news which aid my knowledge. Hoping you recommend more and more these good sources.

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