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March 06, 2017


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Hlo Simon
I took the exam on 25th of March
Plz help me and provide me latest Speaking cue cards
And reading

1. impracticable
2. aloft
3. timber
4. frame
5. boil
6. scrap
7. extract

Thank you for all the free lessons and exercises that you provide.

1. impractical
2. aloft
held the dome aloft
= support the dome
3. timber
4. frame
in the right mindset
= in the right frame of mind
5. boil
6. scrap
7. extract
extract electrons out of atoms
= remove electrons from atoms

Hi Simon,

I am just wondering would it be okay to ask you for some suggestions?

I have done Ielts 3 times and I got a 6 on writing each time, but I have to get a 7 for some reasons.

Is that something to do with my logical orders? I feel frustrated about the situation that I could not get the score I desired.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Simon
the tips regarding find synonim is very useful in reading. I just realised that after following this awesome website, where synonims is the main clue of the answer.

Hello Simon!!(


I had taken my IELTS Academic UKVI recently and I had taken a lot of useful tips from your website.

I want to say a Big Thank-you for your wonderful guidance which made me get an overall band score of 8.5.

Listening 9
Reading 9
Writing 8.5
Speaking 8.

God bless you for your passion and commitment to help.

Keep up the good work.

Many Thanks again.

Best Regards,
Dr. Shyamala Manibalan.


1. impractical
2. aloft
3. timber
4. frame
5. boil
6. scrap
7. extract


Congratulations Dr. Shyamala. I'm glad my advice helped you to get such great scores!



Try to copy my style of writing as closely as possible, using the writing lessons here on the blog. You might find that you are not writing your essays in the way that I suggest.

congratulations shyamala for achieving such a high score. how long does it take anyway? it tops might come handy.

u might want to share ur tips!!!

Hi Simon, thanks for replying.

I have look through all the task 2 band 9 essay on your website. I am thinking would it be possible that my task 1 did not do well last time so I got 6.

But I cannot deny that I sometimes find difficult to answer an "agree or disagree" essay, I could not give some good idea to support my own view. I have bought your ebook few month ago, I will read carefully and try to link the ideas on the ebook you provide.

Thanks again.

Dear Teacher Simon,
In Readiing, I have difficulty with questions: ithey ask me to choose an image( such as a rocket) that fits the elaborate description in the passage, or they give me a photo of an airplain or a spaceshuttle, and ask me to fill in the blank the details of the airplain according to the description in the text with No more than three words.
What should I do to improve that?
I find it hard to understand such technical vocabularies. Will I improve if I use the dictionary to look up every technical word in the text and try to learn them?
Thank you very much!

Thank u soo much i really tried but cant find the nuber 4,5, and 7 ki kindly quid me

1 impractical
2 aloft
3 timber
4 frame
5 note
6 scrap
7 extract

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