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March 13, 2017


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I find this very useful, thanks for sharing!

pls make me ubderstand phrase by phrase...with examples. many thanks

It would take a lot of practice of reading to understand English in blocks or phrases. For me, there is no such way of shortening reading time or perfectly comprehending English texts unless one sets up of a reading habit in English and practise it for a great deal of time.

That's really helpful.
Thank you!

Can you suggest the average number of words per minute while reading Ielts tests?


Oh I have been through all the cases: read too slow, then I started to read much much faster, but I could hardly understand a thing in the text, after 19:30 minutes had passed I found myself completely in hot water, like: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what am I supposed to do!!!I still have 10/13 questions unanswered", so I thought that reading so fast like crazy would mean nothing if I could not understand a thing. So I decided to read slower again, as long as I was with the text. I read 3-4 paragraphs every day. I tried to read a little bit faster, just a little bit, every 4-5 days. When I'm reading, I must stay focused. It's like a game. I pretend that the author is my close friend and he is talking to me about what he is so interested in, and I am so eager to know more about his story. In this way I can easily follow his train of thoughts, I can easily guess what he wants to say after glimsing only a few words in the next part. This saves so much time. I think now I have read much faster. I think that while I'm reading, I tend to skip unimportant words like "very, really,.." , which appear a lot in the text, and waste a lot of our time if we use too much time looking at it, reading it, you know, the author wrote thise words just to make his text more beautifully, more aesthetically, they hardly play a role in showing the ideas, the content.

Dear Teacher Simon,
I have difficulty with such questions: they ask me to choose an image( such as a rocket) that fits the elaborate description in the passage, or they give me a diagram of an airplane or a spaceshuttle, and ask me to fill in the blank the details of the airplane according to the description in the text.
What should I do to figure out these questions?
I find it hard to understand such technical vocabulary. Would it work if I used the dictionary to look up every technical word in the text and try to learn them all?
I found that even if I understand all vocabulary, I can hardly fit what I'm imagining to the diagram they have given.
Thank you very much!

thank for this one advise

Thank you Simon for the advice.

What's the significant differences between Phrase abd Clause.

Resp Sir,

I have recently found your website. I am very much impressed of your teaching method, especially, to identify key words and answer keeping them in mind.

I was always struggling to answer - information given in which paragraph..... Now I enjoy practicing IELTS reading.

May God bless you for your altruistic help.

Best regards



Yes, this does take a lot of practice! Learning to read well in a second language is not easy. I'm just advising you about what to aim for in terms of a good, 'natural' reading speed: skimming is too fast and word-by-word reading is too slow, so try to practise doing what native speakers do - reading in chunks or phrases.



I think you just need to keep practising in the way that you are doing now. Use a dictionary for technical words, and keep reading - you're improving gradually every time you practise!


Shamima and Raju,

Don't worry about the precise difference between phrases and clauses.

I'm using the term "phrase" here to mean "a group of words that make sense together".

Thank you very much, Teacher Simon, I believe in you, with your reassurance, I feel even more confident with the way I have been practicing!

Thanks Simon.
I've always has difficulty reading passages.
Phrase by phrase is great idea and method.
Hope you long, healthy,wonderful life. You are such a great help to us.

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