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March 02, 2017


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1. Salmon's life starts in river where fish spawns and stays there until young ones emerge out from the eggs.
2. After coming out from the eggs, young salmon go to freshwater until they can take care of themselves.
3.Before they merge to Sea they stay in Estuary, where sea and river meet.
4.During their stay in the ocean they grow up and get matured.
5. Adult salmon go back to a river to give eggs.
6. They spawn there and this cycle is keep going and salmon emerge.

the life of salmon starts from river where matured fish deposit eggs.After emerged from eggs they reared to freshwater and before go to ocean they stayed in estuary for be prepared swimming in sea.
While they live in ocean, they merge to rearing areas; after proper matured and growth they become adult fish.They again travel to ocean for spawning and this stage completes the cycle of salmon and keeps it going on.

Salmon's life begins in rivers where mature individuals spawn. By the time the young come out, they are looked after in freshwater by their parents till they can take care of themselves, and eutuaries in which the hatchings will stay before they swim to the ocean.
After this, the young will move to the certain areas in sea where they keep stay to grow up enough to reproduce their next generation, which take place in where they were born,to continue this cycle.

Hi simon
I took IELTS 8 times.Although l got band score 7.5,l
could not get 7 in writing skill that l need.l found your website accidentally and bought your e-book and l finally managed to achieve 7 in less than 2 weeks.
I really appreciate it and thank you so much.
I think you worked hard to prepare this book.

With best wishes

Salmon go through a few stages to complete up their life cycle. Incubating their eggs for a while, baby salmon hatch out in the river. Afterwards, they move to fresh water areas where they start to grow faster by absorbing nutrients. Before migrating to the ocean, they spend some time continuing their growth in deeper parts of the river. In the ocean, salmon become fully grown and reach their maximum size. Being adults and ready to have their own babies, they move back into the river to lay eggs in large quantities in mostly similar spots, where their parents had laid before.

1. Salmon's life begins in the form of little eggs spawned in the river.
2. After being incubated, eggs hatch out into baby salmons. They swim to the freshwater where they will be raised.
3. Before reaching the rearing areas in the sea, young salmons move to the estuary.
4. During their time in the ocean, young salmons develop gradually into mature salmons.
5. Adult salmons return to the river where they will spawn.
6. After laying eggs, adult salmons incubate their eggs untill baby salmons emerge

Oh my gosh, I have made a stupid spelling mistake throughout the whole description: salmons. I have just checked the dictionary. Salmon is also a plural now. Oops how funny it is^^

1. Salmon begin their lives from eggs that laid in a river.
2. After incubation, the young salmon emerge and rear in the freshwater.
3. The young salmon migrate to estuary rearing areas before they swim to the ocean.
4.the young salmon are being growth and matured in the ocean.
5.the adult fish migrate to the river to spawn their eggs
6.complete cycles will assure the salmon numbers in the world.

1. Salmon begin their lives in the river in an egg form.
2. After the incubation stage, the young salmon emerge from eggs and rear in the fresh water.
3. The young fishes migrate towards an estuary, which is an area formed by the meeting of both: river and ocean water.
4. After that, they migrate to rearing areas, where they mature and grow themselves.
5. The adult fishes travel to spawning areas, passing through the estuary once more, reaching again the river environment, where the salmon incubation can be done and the cycle can be started over, from eggs to adult salmon.

Hi all
Is salmon singular or pleural?

Dear Naela,
Salmon is a singular noun and a plural noun too. They are all the same. I'm sure about that. You can check it in Oxford dictionary, which is one of the most reliable dictionaries in the world.

Thank you Anh
I think it is like fish which is singular and pleural.

No problem, Agha! I'm glad that I could help you^^

Dear Simon,

I hope you can help me out with my writing below (based on your suggestion) on this topic. Please give me some comments. Thanks!

As we can see in the diagram, there are eight main stages in the life cycle of salmon from egg to mature adult. Salmon travel to three different places from river to estuary area to ocean and then move back to river to continue their cycle.

Salmon begin their life with the process of spawning, which happens on the upper side of river. They incubate the eggs for several days before the emergence occurs. Young salmon grow and start to rear to freshwater areas and stay there for a certain amount of time. When they grow bigger, they migrate to estuary to be prepared for ocean entering. They spend several years in ocean until they become big and mature enough to begin their journey back to river to continue hatching the eggs again. Their cycle completes when the spawning process starts and as some research, adult salmon die right after that due to exhaustion.

In summary, salmon go through many periods in their lives in three places from spawning in river, moving to estuary, immigrating to ocean and finally finding their way back to river to go on with their cycle again.

Dear Alyssa...,Task 1 don't ask about your opinion or research.So please don't give your opinion in essay.Just write about the diagram.

1/ The salmon life circle starts when the eggs are being spawned and incubated in the River.
2/ when the young salmon emerge from Eggs they move to freshwater area.
3/ before swimming to the ocean, young fish migrate to rearing area.
4/ during their time in the ocean the salmon complete their development.
5/ the mature fish then travel to the rearing and then to the river where they were born for spawning.
6/ The eggs are being spawned and the life circle of salmon repeats accordingly

1.Where and in what form do salmon begin their lives?
Salmon begin their lives in the river where the adult fish lay and hatch their eggs.
2.When the young salmon emerge from eggs, where are they reared?
They were reared in the freshwater.
3.Before swimming to the ocean, where do the young fish migrate to?
Young fish migrate to the estuary before swimming to the ocean.

4.What happens to salmon during their time in the ocean?
They grow continue and became mature during their time in the ocean.
5.Where do the adult fish then travel to, and why?
The adult fish then travel to the river to lay eggs.
6.What happens that completes the cycle?
The cycle begins begin anew.

1. Salmon begins their lives in the river in form of eggs
2. Young salmon is reared in fresh water after emerging from eggs.
3. Young fish migrate to the estuary before swimming to the ocean.
4. their growing up continue and they become adult salmon.
5. Then the adult fish travel upstream back to the river.
6. the cycle is completed when the young fish hatch from their eggs.

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