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March 23, 2017


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Style guides usually recommend spelling out small numbers in formal English: should we do this in the exam, eg "over the period of ten years"; "over the ten-year period", or not?


It doesn't really matter - it certainly won't affect your score either way.

hi simon
here in my town one center gives suggestion about ilets (how to do all modules) and they preffer overall in the last (only for task 1) they also told me that they got email from Cambridge in which they say if you want to get bands in task 1 you have to obey

body part 1
body part 2

what you want to say about this sir ....i am confused

over a 10 years period

When we're talking about time, a single "period" can be any length:
a thirty-second period .
a nine-week period
a seven-month period
a hyphen is not included if it's not an adjective

the rule here is that '10-year' is a adjective and 'period' is a noun.
another examples:
a 3-year-old baby girl
3 years old.

Dear Simon,

Just for a quick check, I'm about to have a exam very soon but still wondering about this.

In IELTS speaking interview, what if the way of one's speaking is too informal? And what if one says some 'bad language' carelessly?



The speaking test is informal, so don't worry about that. I'm not sure what you mean by 'bad language' but if you mean 'swear words' then that would not be appropriate, because natives don't use them when speaking to strangers.


No. Don't write "over a 10 years period" - that's wrong.

As Hong says (above), "10-year" is acting as an adjective to describe the noun "period".

Dear Simon
I have read your essays for Task 1 and some other tutorial IELTS writing books and I find a difference between them.
The IELTS writing books give me a structure of line graphs,pie charts,bar charts and tables that,
body part 1
body part 2
And the former essays I have read often have a structure like,
'It is clear that...'with rough comparisons
body part 1 with figures
body part 2 with figures
Is it necessary to write an overall at last?
Could l write my essays with your structure?


I think the simple way of asking your question is this: where is the best place to put the overview / summary paragraph?

The answer is that you can EITHER put it after the introduction OR you can put it at the end. Both ways are equally good, so don't worry too much about this!

Here's another example.

Hundreds of millions
30 million people

I love to partake in sharing resources.
Have a lovely day, all.

hi sir simon. I just want to clarify if what is the difference between over "A" 10-year period OR over "THE" 10-year period. or are they the same? Please help me I'm confuse. Thank you.

Dear Simon
Please give explanations on above sentences.
It makes me a little bit confused.

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