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April 08, 2017


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Dear Simon,
Everyday is an adjective, not a Noun, which is applicable to possessive case. Therefore, it is incorrect to use everyday's life.

This is my first time to add a comment to your website, even through I have read your articals many time.
My answer is "wrong',cause 'everyday' is a adj.It's not reasonalbe to add 's' behind a ajd.

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much for your job.

I think the second sentence is incorrect. Because "everyday" is an adjective and "life" is a noun so this phrase should be "everyday life".

Waiting your answer.

Best Regards
Duyen Nguyen

why don't using "daily life" instead?

No, I think the second sentence is not correct. I have never seen people using "everyday's life", it is much more common to see the phrase " part/ feature of everyday life/ daily life". I guess the student must have mistaken everyday as a noun, but I have just looked it up in the dictionary and it's an adjective.

The second sentence is wrong because if you put 's it does shows ownership..i think..

I agree with above comments tht 2nd sentence is wrong..

I think everyday means Daily and it is an adjective not a noun.
That is strange to say daily┬┤s Life.

Second sentence is incorrect because apostrophe is not recommended in academic writing . The meaning also changed: everyday's life means what is going on in life in general day by day not the city's life.


"everyday life" is a very normal phrase in English. As a few people wrote above, "everyday" is an adjective, so it's the same as writing "daily life". We don't say "everyday's life" or "daily's life".

oh! great

OK, great thanks.

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Regards, Firdavs.

Thank you Simon

Great! Much appreciated Simon! Keep up the good job!

Kindly mention the correct answer.

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