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April 04, 2017


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It is a great video. Not only for good English vocabulary but also to become positive in life. We come to know about successful people. And these stories help a lot to tackle various problems

To be honest, though there are a few points that I am at odds with him.
I agree with him that when something bad happens to us, when things don't really go in our way, we should look it in a much more positive way. If we forget negative sides of the problem, and embrace it, focus on getting over it instead, we may turn bad things into miraculous things. During our process of solving it, we have to constantly come up with very new ideas, new ways because the problem is so out of ordinary, which makes us become better, more creattive and smarter.
However, I do not think that we should try to face and solve every single bad things we encounter in life. Everyone has a dream, a purpose. If problems coming out of nowhere blocking our way to achieve our dream, face them, solve them right way. If solving these hassles does not get us closer to our dream, avoid them as much as possible, or let others solve them, don't waste our time and energy on them. Even though we may become creative, smater, learn more after solving them, I think that we will never fulfill our own dreams because in a common sense, we don't have enough time.

Thanks Simon for the video, I have leaned some of the robust vocabulary to tweak my speaking skills.

god bless you sir

the take home message is to embrace our problems because they are not too bad as we think . these imperfections may be a sideway or shortcut to something better .

Hey Simon, I love TED talks, will make sure watch it tonight. I always appreciate your fruitful contents on your website. You're awesome!

I'm glad you enjoyed the talk guys!

thanks simon ,Im going to embrace my problems instead of deal with them.

worked out
Play to few notes
hash tiny
Black nodes
unplayable piano
something magical
ambient quality
repetitive reef
electrifying performance
initial instinct
cognitive psychology
constantly interrupted
high performance cycling

a complete motivational speech ........
thank you so very much simon u made my day
god bless u

Very interesting video. Amazing performance by Harford. I have learnt lots of thing after watching this video.

Here are useful vocabulary:
get frustrated

Challenges do not dampen our ambitions, they just help us to get stronger, that's what I learnt from this video.

thanks, Simon, for choosing such informative clips. I am really inspired and impressed by his speech.

inspirational video teacher!
Thanks from Viet Nam!
Love you!

Sometimes you need to accept the difficulties and do not give up. In this situation, you will be more creative and maybe you get the better result. Same as that musician, Although he played piano that had a lot of problems, audiences liked it and the video of that concert is the best selling in the history.

Dear Simon,

Firstly, I am appreciated for your helping us through the Ielts period.
I have a question, do you think it is useful to write the listening Videos? Can it develop our listening skills?

Thanks in advance.

It's kinda right to prove that messy plans can do better in some situations. Especially in reality competition show for example Master chef, it seems like the team working peacefully with each other would win the mission. However, in the end, the messy team encountering numberous problems and argue with each other all the time usually turns out to win.haha Life is full of unpredictable things.

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