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April 28, 2017


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Resp Sir,

I have a query regarding speaking part 2.

Is it necessary to mention/speak about our cue card topic saying..... " I am going to describe/talk about..." One of the IELTS adviser mentioned that it is annoying to examiner speaking that stereotype sentence. Pl guide.

Thank you

Best regards,


1. I think that this kind of experience must mean a lot to me, something that I really want to remember and smile every time I look back. I was really happy and filled with love at that time.
2. I think that this kind of experience must be amusing and funny( like seeing a comedy or hearing a joke). It rather entertained me.

However, I think that maybe I can use the experience of passing an exam to talk about the second task. It is quite unusual, but I think I would laugh and be excited if I passed an exam. But I would only use it if I were really stuck and I couldn't think of anything else. If I had a better choice, I would never use it.

I looked up the word "happy" in the dictionary, and it said that we "laugh" when we are happy or see/hear something funny. I'm pretty sure that I would be happy if I passed an exam, but I'm not sure whether native speakers would use the word "laugh" when talking about that. It's a useful question! I am curious to hear your answer next week! Thanks, Teacher Simon!

Oh I looked up the word "laugh", not "happy". I am sorry^^

For me, Happiness is that which makes you laugh and sometimes bursts into tears.It is something which is life changing and jolts you from inside while laughing is a temporary thing which could be any joke, strange action from a child even sometimes you laugh at yourself on your silly mistakes when you think about those.

Laugh and happy are mutually related . A person can laugh when he is happy but laugh does not show that a person is happy as people pretend
to laugh even if they are sad.


It is very natural for natives to start by saying 'I'm going to talk about', so there is nothing wrong with saying that in the speaking test. However, natives say this phrase very quickly, probably in around one second. If you say it very slowly, then it would sound unnatural.

Resp sjm

Thank you very much for clarifying my doubt and if I want say that, how swiftly it should be told.

It is an unstressed phrase in English, and I would estimate it should take you around 1 to 1.5 seconds.

No. Happy is a feeling, while laugh is an action caused by something.

I think laugh and happy are differences but related to.
Laugh is an action describe emontion while happy is feeling. We often laugh when something suprise and happen suddenly ours. Happy is related to love, joyful.
I think passing the exam can make us laugh when we think we cant.

Hi Simon,

I think simply, happy is emotion that we generally feel, and laugh is expression when we see hilarious or somtething funny.


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