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May 28, 2017


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Thank you so much sir Simon. Have a good Bank Holiday weekend.

Thank you very much for your advice.

Hi Simon,

I gave my IELTS academic on 13th this month and got band 8.5 (L: 8.5, R:8.5, W:7.5, S:8.5). However due to sudden change in plans, I now have to attempt the general module on 3rd June. Since I hardly have any time left for proper full-time preparation could you guide me as to what I should focus upon? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


PS I had prepared earlier mostly using this blog and I am really grateful for the wonderful guidance you given here.

I remember when I took exam in Iran, one of the vigilant was not fully aware of exam, she even didnt let me to take a look at the whole paper of listening paper,when the recording was playing and she took the paper from me!!!

Thank you so much for your posts.

i am planning to take ielts exam. how could i get more score? is there any plan and daily class for preparation in this site? please guide me.

Dear Simon,
I am going to sit for the exam on 17th. When I practice at home from Cambridge, usually I get Band 7 in my reading and listening. My question is how much could I expect from real exam? (I know the question sounds silly, but give me just an idea)

Thank you.

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