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May 07, 2017


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Dear John,

I hope this letter finds you and your family in a radiant health and high spirits. It's been long since we wrote to each other but I have not forgotten the wonderful trips and moments we spent together.

John, as you know, I have applied for the Quebec immigration last month.Yesterday, I received an e-mail from the Quebec government and complete mail with its attachments are in french. As a result, I merely able to understand the requirements or expectations of the government.

The bare minimum which I could able to understand is that the reply to the email is expected within a week's time. Thus, to prepare the document or reply I need to understand the language first.

As you are well versed with the French language, could help me in knowing the documents and gradually making a revert in french for them. Please see if you could able to make up for tomorrow night because subsequently, I also require some time to prepare the document.

I will wait for your revert.

Catch you soon

with love,

Hi Simon, this question is exact the same with writing
task 1 of my first IELTS test on April 8, 2017 at Doha, Qatar. After the test, I realised I did not cover all the points clearly and accurately. Here is my second writing. Please have a look.

Dear John,

I hope you are well. I'm just writing to ask you for help.

Yesterday there was a German businessman visited me and he wanted to buy my shop on the Rain Forest street. I have made an agreement in Chinese but he could not understand obviously. I want you to translate the agreement into German which he's able to understand.

As he's leaving in three days, and he won't come to China until next year. I must have his signature to make the deal with him. If he's not in China, I would either come to Germany or wait until next year. So I promised him to translate the agreement in two days. Also, you know, I'm planning to move to Canada, so I really need the money from sell my shop.

I would like you to help me translate this agreement. If you want to help me, I will come to your home tomorrow afternoon and bring everything you need for translation.

Hope to hear back from soon.

Best regards,

Qing Chen

Dear Mai,

Hope all is good at your end. I'm just writing to seek your help for the Arabic to English language translation for one of my important documents.

The document I need help with is my medical report. As you know, the government hospitals here, in Jeddah, do not provide English translation of the documents of any medical examination. Two months back, I went for the medical checkup as part of my immigration process for Australia, which requires a report on my fitness, in the English language. Unfortunately, the hospital took some extra time in delivering the required document.

Now, I'm really worried, as the immigration office deadline for the document submission is approaching fast. I wouldn't have stressed you out as I'm aware of your busy work routine but as I've already explained that it's really important for me and in case of failure in meeting the deadline I would be left with no choice except withdrawal from the immigration process.

Keeping the urgent requirement in your mind, it would be nice if you could let me know the possibility for this translation, and if you are willing to do that then let's set out some time when we can sit together and complete the job.

Many thanks and I'll wait for your reply anxiously.

Best regards,


Dear Aly,

I hope my email find you and your family well. For a while I have not heard from your side, so, I hope that every things are going smoothly with you.

Recently, I have been selected for the United States of America immigration lottery program which takes place every year. As I am aware that you are a certified translator and I would therefore like you to translate some documents such as birth, marriage and credential certificates, as well as work experiences to be translated to English language which required by American consular office.

Those documents are counted towards my selection which is based on age, marital status, education and work experiences, consequently, if the documents were failed to be submitted within 3 weeks, my application would be rejected.

I would be grateful if you could help me out to get the documents ready within the specific time and if you agree, please let me know when I can stop by your office to start.
Hoping to hear back from you soon.

Best wishes,


Dear Simon,
Would you please let me know your thought regarding my letter of documents translation

Thank you

Khaled Said

Dear Wang:
It's me, Andrew. How are doing recently? I've been missing you since our last meet.
I have a good news to share with you that I get a chance to go to China-your home country-to work as Sales Consultant. It's the award of my company's Year's Best Seller. You know that I've always been dreaming to have a travel to China since it's so interesting in your description!
A profile about my education background and work expirence is required to make my new collegues know about me berore I get to China. I've wrote it this afternoon and my flight NO. is C7709 on May 16th. So could you please translate it into Chinese before I leave? Please tell me the exact time when you can finish it if you could. If you are too busy to make it, then let me know. I can find someone else.
I wish to meet you before I leave and I'm free this weekend. How about you?
Have a good day!

Dear John,
I am writing to request a document to be translated into Spanish. I hope your translation business is going well. I am planning to apply for Spanish visa and the embassy requires a translated copy of my marriage certificate inorder proceed further.

I applied for the visa on the 3rd of January and their was a response on 5th January which highlighted the missing documents, but unfortunately I missed that email and noticed it today morning where they mentioned that the documents should be provided within 30 days else the case will be closed. Though, 3 weeks have been passed and just a week is left.

I would be grateful if you could help getting the documents ready within the specified time and feel free to let me know so I can drop by your shop anytime tomorrow.

Looking forward for your quick response.
Best Regards,
Sami Javed

Dear Chao,

Hope everything is fine with you. Both Emma and I still remember our cheerful time together in Sydney in last summer and we hope to see you this summer in Bali island.

Recently, my team in NSW culture office is running a project called "know you know me" which is a culture exchange program with Peking University in China to encourage understanding each other for our young generation and I am preparing the VISA application documents for our students group. I need a translation for the attached visa application form. Naturally, I think you are the perfect "candidate" that I can rely on cause Chinese is your mother language.

This culture exchange project is sponsored by new south welshi government and also it is the first time that we arrange such a diversity and multi-culture group to China. It will take me 30 days to explore the recent development in Beijing, Shanghai and GuiZhou in China. I am sure this trip will further my economic study in Queensland university and boost my knowledge in the future. As I am playing to send the application to Chinese Embassy in coming seven work days, it will be quite urgent for me to start to prepare the translations for the VISA application form and get ready for it as soon as possible.

I would like to know if you are available and tend to help me out. Your kindness will be highly appreciated. And if you can help me, Emma and I will invite you to Sydney for the next weekend.

Take care and hope to hearing from you soon.


I'd like to thank and appreciate your effort and passion you put towards your students. I personally, have learned a lot from your blog and hope to achieve a good result.

I had an IELTS general exam on May 13th in Egypt, Cairo. I would like to share writing task 1 which had talked about your feedback towards Airline Company

1. Explain why do you choose the airline company?
2. Explain in detail how did you enjoy the trip?
3. Suggest any improvement can be made?

I had written the following points.
1. I have been with Canada Airline over 10 years because it offers excellent services with reasonable cost, no charge for extra bag, has an easy access for online booking, in addition, all flights schedule are on time.

2. Friendly flight attendants, fresh and hot meal, extra meal upon request.

3. Enhancement such renew airplane seats, make seats wider especially for overweight passengers, and offer diabetic meals

Again thank you Simon for your help.


Khaled Said

Dear John,

I hope this letter finds you well. I’m writing this letter to ask you for a help in translating my academic documents in Chinese for my post-graduate admission process.

As you’re well aware that I’ll be applying for my PhD program in Beijing University next month therefore as a part of the admission process I’ve to provide the university my past academic records translated in Chinese. It is one of the mandatory requirements of the admission process and an non-compliance would mean that the university will not process my application.

Since the deadline is next month and given my keen interest to be the part of this prestigious program, I’d be grateful if could help me with your esteemed English to Chinese translation skills.

Kindly let me know if you’d be available for my help and when it’d be appropriate for me to visit your place in order to get this thing done.

Looking forward to your assistance in this regard.

Best regards,

halo sir
i have a doubt about letter writing .for informal letter can we use contarctions words ?my ielts teacher told as per the new rules for informal and formal we should not use contractions.pleae clear my doubts.

Dear Amit,

Trust this mail finds you in kind spirits. I’m writing to seek your helping hand in regards to a critical document that needs to be translated in “Spanish”.

As discussed with you earlier, I had applied for my “Educational Credential Assessment” to be carried out by a local Canadian institute. I am in receipt of my report which, surprisingly, is compiled in the Spanish language and, therefore, is impossible to apprehend.

Moreover, I am supposed to dispatch my acknowledgement receipt within next 7 working days which makes the matter most urgent and highly critical.

As you are well conversant with “Spanish” for you have been learning the language since last 4 years, I was wondering if you could assist me in my need of the hour. If yes, kindly let me know the earliest possible time to meet you in-person. If required, I can come down to your place.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Word Count – 161 Words

Mr simon nit replied and correct the mistakes?

Dear Ashok,

I hope you are doing well with good health and peace of mind. I'm writing to seek your help in translating a household property legal document for sales purpose from English to Tamil.

As you aware that i am in urge of selling one of my house located in my native town to compensate my father's medical expense. His health is getting worse day by day. Doctors advised my father to get admitted in hospital and undergo a surgery immediately.

I solely depend on money which i get from selling this house for his treatment. Through one of my friends contact, I have got a dealer who had really shown his interest in buying my house. Last week, he visited my property and we have finalised the deal. I have given an copy of all the documents related to this house.

In the verge of this good deal, he requested documents to be in his native language Tamil. The document i gave to him was in English. I knew that you are an expert in translating the documents to Tamil and I would like to know if you could assist in doing this. I'm in an urgency to complete the process as soon as possible. Please let me know when can i meet you in person and make the document ready.

Eagerly awaiting for your reply.

Best Regards

Dear John,

hope you're doing well.

I'm writing to you to tell you that I've searched for a long time for how to immigrate to Canada and I've found it possible but I need to translate all my documents from Arabic to English as my experience certificate and my Bachelors degree certificate.

The Canadian immigration Ministry put a deadline for accepting application and necessary documents only for the end of the current month. So I was wondering if you can help me regarding this demand as I know your very high proficiency in translation from Arabic to English.

Just let me know if you accept to help me when and where will it be convenient for you to make me this favor.

Best regards

Dear Eric,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I am writing to ask you doing me a favor. As I have told you before, I was eager to buy a second-hand car for business. Fortunately, I found a suitable one. It was owned by a Japanese.I contacted him, as soon as possible,and we both had agreed with selling his popular car to me.

However, he is not good at English or Chinese. He hope me can make a contract in Japanese in two days. You have known I am not good at Japanese. Due to he is going to leave Taiwan in a week. He said that he will sell the car to someone else if I can't make the contract within 2 days.

You are the best Japanese language professor I have ever known. I really need your help to get this deal done.Please let me know if you are able to give me a hand. At the same time, let me know when and anything I need to bring to you for this translation.

Yours sincerely,
Chinghao Yu

Dear Ali,
I hope you are quite well and are in good state of health. I heard about your trip to Germany. Did you enjoyed that one?
Bro, i am writing this letter to seek your help. I had applied an online job in Germany and out of the blue i got selected. Now they want all my documents in French. And i need to translate them all.
I got their mail 2 weeks back. I was busy in my sister's wedding. Now to meet the ultimate time limit of submitting the documents, I have just 1 week left behind. Putting in a nutshell, I badly need that job and running short of time.
I know that your mother is French and you are very good in it too. I need your help to translate the documents for me. I can drop these at your place or if you are free , we will catch up at some coffee shop. I just need your 2-3 hours, in which way you are comfortable.
Anxiously waiting for your reply.
See you soon,


Although this is an informal letter, I wouldn't use slang words like "Bro".

Dear John,

I hope you’re well. I’m writing to request you to translate a document from English into German as I know you are fluent in both languages.

I’m happy to inform you that I’ve been invited to work in a Germany for a major IT company. The company HR requested me to provide the translated copy of my birth certificate and I need to have it translated into German.

Actually, this needs to be done as soon as possible because my contract is starting after two weeks and I cannot join the company without providing necessary documents. Only pending item for joining is the document translation.

I hope you understand how critical for me to get the document translated asap. I would be grateful if you could do this within five days. In case you don’t have time to do this within mentioned time please let me know in advance, so I can get it translated with some agency.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

dear Jone
i hope this letter find you and your family in very well heath ,and i hope your business is doing excellent . i'm writing for request you that i have some document in french language which i need to translate it.
as you know i'm planning for immigration to france ,and the embassy required to reply with in only one week. that i need to translater some document to understand it and respond with any language.
this issue is very important to me that finally i can join with my family in france and complete my study.
i hope that you will help me to translate this document to complete my procuder in the embassy .
best regards

Thankyou simon.

Dear John,
Hope you are doing good? I'm written to inform you of my transfer from my school of business in the u.k to Paris.
I don't know if you could be of help to me,with my document translation from English to French.My transcript happened to be in English. However the college asked me to translate it to french, before the end of the week.
I don't know if I could make do with an hour or two of your time,and a place of your choice where we could meet and translate this document
I will really appreciate it if you would help me out.
Best regards

Number of words 116

Dear James,

How are you? I'm writing for your help in translating a document, which is quite important for me.

This document is a latest physics thesis written in Japanese, and the idea described in this article is closely related to my research topic. The problem is that I cannot read Japanese at all. Since you are my only friend speaking Japanese, I need your help to translate it into English.

I know you are quite busy these days, but this paper means too much for me. Since it has a similar topic with mine, I need to make it clear about their current research progress demonstrated in that article to avoid wasting time in things that already done. You know, there's no much time for me. It is the fifth year of my phD, only if I finish my research can I get my degree and find a job. I really need your help.

So I am writing to ask if you can lend me a hand in this, and I would be really appreciated it if you can provide me a plan about when it can be done.

Thank you very much and looking forward your reply.

Best regards,


Dear Mona,
I hope this letter finds you in a good health. I need your cooperation in an affair.
Remember when I told you about my new project, a software for online shopping? I did my surveys and met a Chinese programmer last week. We reached an initial agreement before he heading back to China. However, his firm sent me an email yesterday which I guess contain some details about my proposal and it's written in Chinese. As you know I merely understand some basic phrases in Chinese.
I've been acquainted that this company is very committed, therefore I need to replay within a week maximum. My plan if we reach an agreement is to start a trial period before implementing it officially.
I'll be so delighted if you could help me with this matter. I know that you have finished the Chinese classed last year and that currently you are engaged in translating business.
Please check the attached file, Looking forward to your response and my sincere greetings to your family,

Best wished,

Actually learning to read chinese character can be very easy if you understand how to use the Hanyu Pinying system to read.
You can learn how to use the Hanyu Pinying method from this link here.


There is also a simple and easy video guide to learn chinese words by Hanyu Pinying suitable for beginners.


Dear monique,
I hope you're wel.. I am writing to you as I need help with he translation of the documents I will be needing for job application.

I will be needing a reference letter for the job application to a local school here goes by the name St. Francis public school translated into french language. I could not think of anybody else in a better position than you are since it should be in French language as it is the requirement of the process to apply for this position.

I'd require the letter as soon as possible as the last date of submission of the application is on July 10th and Ofcourse if you are willing to help, it would take you about 5 days to have the needful documents sent to me to get this job as it is very important for me to get this job as it is very close to my place and above above all, I've been un-employeed for quite a while now and I have got bills to pay.

Would you be kind enough to do me the favor? If yes, could you also tell how soon would you be able to do this for me.

Thank you in Advance. Hope you can help me in this regard.

Warm wishes

Simon! kindly evaluate my letter and let me know where i stand. And if not, Please somebody else evaluate my letter.

Hi simon,

Can a course outline be regarded as a document.


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