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May 20, 2017


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I'm getting used to viewing lessons by examiner Simon

The government should commit to protecting the environment for sustainable development.

It just means that the usage of get accustomed to doing is also correct?

i have a little confusion with your post. i think may be we have to memorise for using in a specific situation

If the "to" you use is a preposition, It then can be followed by 'ing'. If not, it cannot

is committed to reducing

This applies to many situations and to changing the ending of the verb. One becomes accustomed/addicted/committed/connected/devoted/exposed/limited/opposed/used/introduced to changing the ending of the verb. So one cannot object to changing the ending of the verb.

One way to improve Task 1 answers is to translate Simon's own answer into one' own language; wait a week and translate it back into English, and find your own mistakes.

i look forward to hearing from you.

In addition to painting walls, I will have a designer redecorate my sitting room.

Another example is: young people are often addicted to watching TV.

I am used to getting up early.

I just read this sentence from a book.

A nexus analysis amounted to trying to make sense of our work and of our lives as young academics in new jobs in Alaska.

So "amount to" here means "be equate to" or "be equal to".and to here is a preposition.

participle clauses can used to reduce prepositional phrases or to express time relationship, reason, cause and effect, and condition .
1. Students trying to improve reading skill should read newspaper daily. (reduced prepositional phrase )
2. Having written the task 1 in exam , I turned my attention to task 2.
(time relationship)
3. Playing too much video game after school, he performed poorly in exam. (reason)
4. Having consumed too much fossils oil, man kind made the environment less pleasant for many species. (cause and effect)
5. consumed with prescription, marijuana can have some health benefits. (condition )

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