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May 21, 2017


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it seems very useful, thank you, Simon.

Hi Simon. It's been a while since I last checked your website and I'm glad that your still doing this, sharing your expertise with the IELTS. I was using this site before as I was preparing for the exam and I just wanna say thank you very much, coz you really helped me with my ielts journey. I got band 8 overall. As a result I am now working in the UK. If I have the chance and if I'll visit Manchester I might say hi. Cheers!!!

Can't agree more!

Thank you Simon, but is this a template? Can we use this phrase in writing?


You can definitely use the phrase "One option would be for x to..." in your essays, but only in the right context.

Hi Simon

Here's my example ..

1- If the fuel price goes up in the next month, one option would be for the government to not make taxes on markets buyer

Hi Simon,

I have just encountered with a sentence that I failed to find a grammar rule for the use of "of" there. Here is the sentence:

The concept is OF multi-storey buildings in which food crops are grown ... . May I ask you to help me out please? I got confused that why "of" was located there in that way. Thank you in advance for considering.


It's because we use the phrase "the concept of" e.g. the concept of driverless cars, the concept of a 4-day working week.

"The concept IS OF..." is just the same thing but with the verb "to be" added to create a sentence.

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