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May 23, 2017


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Wow, Interesting. Thanks Simon.

I completely agree that children need to play rather than having homework.

It would be better if no one put strain on students' shoulders.

Hi all ...I have a query.If the question says one word and/ or a number.Could we write as 4 sides or 27 Road in answer???or just a number

I've watched this YouTube before. It is a wonderful idea for young people to learn social life skills rather than complete main subjects task at home.
In Australia, the education authority introduce this scheme to some primary schools. As a result, the avarage NAPLAN test score dramatically rose in these schools. No homework provides better life style for children.

I hope that everyone will spend a few moments praying for all the people in Manchester at this time. It is such a hard time. The attack was just so horrible. I am really really sad. My heart is broken. My deepest condolences to all the victims and their famililes. God bless England!

I believe that it is the best way to start learning! But I don't know how to use it to obtain a better score or improve my writing :-)

Wow, such a brilliant idea. Does this method work for adults too? If so, I have to study less for IELTS and instead have more leisure time. :D

Thanks, Simon.

In Finland, Children just learn 20 hours per week and the president this school said that: " I want children to play". So, How do they learn? This is the answer: " Relax brain". But, I have two question: " How to help children remember knowledge?" " How to learn social life skill?"
Let's share your idea with me.:)

I'm glad you all found this video interesting!


Thanks for your thoughts Anh. It has been a hard week here in Manchester.

Hi all

I just want to add some idea about the video, and it is simply right for children to not have homework. But I suggest to have them to do more works during the lesson and involve more practical work than theoretical one.

From my point of view, I believe that students should get at least one homework a week and it should be simple and practical as well


This one's got a wide range of sophisticated vocabulary!

Sadly,I cannot watch this in China..........

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