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May 08, 2017


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Dear Simon,
Thank you for sharing this lesson because we really had doubts about how to practice reading esp. for general reading tests .As you know, we have just a limited number of GTM reading tests in Cambridge books and to get band 7 and more in GTM ,we need at least 34 correct answers in general.

What is your recommendation for GTM Applicants? Is it worth doing AC reading tests or it is a waste of time? Meanwhile, Do you think GTM reading tests in terms of difficulty have recently changed in real exams?

Thank you in advance for your attention.
Awaiting your reply

Hi Arash,

The last reading in GTM is very similar to the AC readings. And I think this last reading is the most important part of GTM and can signifcantly change your score if you are not good at it. This means that AC reading really help with improving the GTM reading and is NOT waste of time at all (in my opinion). In terms of difficulty of the GTM exam, I think nowadays it has become more tough. When I tested myself with Cambridge examples, I normally could score higher than 7.5 with even less than an hour, while in the real test which I took some days ago, I faced difficulty in finishing the reading test on time and I also found the last reading much more difficult than the Cambridge tests, and my main problem was the last reading. I am almost sure that it is very unlikely for me to get more than 7. If I am lucky enough I may achieve 7. anyway, my recommendation is that for getting a high score in GTM reading you should mainly focus on last reading and practicing AC readings definitely help.
I wish you the best,
L from Iran.

Dear L,
Thanks an ocean for your answer .Frankly speaking, I would like to delve deeper into this matter on complete standards tests for GTM.

As all we know, we in general have two big problems which one is the number of correct answers for GTM applicants those of us who apply for either a job or immigration purposes, say, we must have at least 34 correct answers as to Australia, Canada, and England, they ask all bands more than 7 and this even gets tougher for the reading section.

Second, the limited number of tests in Cambridge books which compared to the real exam tests are less challenging, and for this reason, we wholeheartedly ask Mr. Simon our very trusted and respected teacher to clarify this ambiguous point on GTM for us and also providing us with the list of some very good sources in this respect.
Thank you Mr. Simon and all other friends in advance for your invaluable helps and attention.

correction:standard tests

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