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May 19, 2017


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About robots:
1. Robots are one of the magnificent breakthroughs in the technology. Nowadays, we run into robots almost everywhere, especially in plants and also they facilitate some manual work which is quite arduous to human being.
2.I was the big fan of robots in my childhood. I wanted to own my own little robot but it was my childish dream and was beyond our scientific opportunities.
3.The ideas about that robots can help us at home or drive our car sound very impressing. And such robots are already available in some Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. But we should scrutiny such enactments in details otherwise they may bring sad repercussions.

About shoes:
1. I am big fan of stylish shoes, especially sneakers. If I have an opportunity to acquire sneakers I immediately take advantage on it.
2. During my purchasing I pay heed both to style and convenience. I try to find such product which combines these qualities. Moreover, I prefer flate leather shoes rather than high-heeled.
3.First of all, such people are affluent and they can afford to do it. Secondly, they are following to latest fashion trends and try to wear as much as they can.
4.The last time when i have bought shoes online my order got frustrated me because it didn't justify my expectancies. Since then i have been trying to buy in person in order to be sure that it is a bargain.

Speaking part 3-Intense gratification leads to invention-do i agree? what are the negative sides?

I think this question was rather unusual that is why thought to mention and enlighten people about this topic.

Hi Simon,

If a candidate speaks fast but still correctly, does being fast affect the score in speaking test?

Yes I remember I have got this shoes question in my last exam.

hi, this is javad from Iran,

here are my answer feedback if i'm wrong.

1. What do you think of robots?

Well, The first thing that come's to my mind is about industry when big machine running up and down to move heavy piece of a big mechanical system. they are very useful this way.

2. Did you watch any cartoons related to robots in your childhood?

Yey, I remember i was fond of a cartoon with a robotic car which was trying to help kid doing unbelievable game that no one could do that. unfortunately i can't remember it's name, now i'm looking backward it was so funny.

3. Do you like the idea of robots helping you at home or driving your car?

of course, why not. one of my friends got a vacume robot which help her doing her chores, in fact i thing it's going to be a fashion trend and i'm losing the track. maybe if i got some real money in future i would go for a robotic car not just because of ease but i'm really like to stay with latest technology out there.

Please TELL my score Simon.
Thanks a lot.

Resp Sir,

I would be very grateful if you could clarify whether there is any difference between following two sentences :

1. Do you agree or disagree?
2. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

does essay structure differ in above both case?

e.g .... Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction.

Do you agree or disagree?

Thank you,



Speaking too fast (also known as a 'rapid speech rate') can certainly affect your score. If you speak too fast you could make it hard for the examiner to hear the pronunciation features of English (stress, rhythm and intonation) and you can actually make words difficult to understand, especially words with long vowel sounds.

If you are speaking accurately, but there are regular words that are challenging to understand, then you could be penalised with a 5 for pronunciation.

Remember, the speaking test is not a race, and there is really no benefit by speaking very fast.

Thanks for sharing your answers. I'll show you my answers next Friday.



There's no difference. Just treat both questions as the same.

About Robots:

1. Robots are nothing but the machines which perform the tasks automatically as per the instructions given to it.

2.One of my favourite robotic cartoon during my childhood was the 'Ducktales'. It featured the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, who is the richest duck in the world, and his three grandnephews Huey, Dewey and Louise.They help to protect their granduncle's frtune from being robbed by the villians.

3. Yes, I do like the idea of robots helping me at home but only to some extent. Because doing some household tasks not only gives me satisfaction but also is the good physical excercise.

Thank you Sjm.

I also have another question regarding your comment about checking our speaking and writing with an examiner before the real test.As I already told you I did check only one essay out of the 70 essays that I wrote and you indicated that was not sufficient.
I would like to know how many essays should be checked to make sure that we get a good score in real test? e.g. if somebody is given (by a real examiner) constantly 7 with 10 essays, do you think it can show that our English is at the level to get 7 at the real test?

I know my question may seem silly and may depend on some other factors. The reason that I am asking is that I can not afford to pay for so many essays.


Thank you sir


‘Robot' Topic

1. What do you think of robots?
Well, I think robots simply like a machine designed to imitate us. They can carry out any task like mowing the lawn.

2. Did you watch any cartoon related to robots in your childhood?
Yes, I remember watching the adventures of Jimmy Neutron when I was younger. He is a genius boy who always invent new robots to solve any problem.

3. Do you like the idea of robots helping you at home or driving your car?
It isn’t good idea. I can imagine that housekeepers and taxi drivers will lose their jobs and yet people will be much lazier.

‘Shoes' Topic

1. Do you like to buy expensive shoes?
Personally, I don’t like spending all of my money only on shoes. To get a pair of shoes that suit me doesn’t need to be expensive.

2. When you buy shoes, do you prefer convenience or style?
Convenience is my aim when buying a new footwear. I don't think style is important if they cause damage to my feet.

3. Why do you think some people buy many pairs of shoes?
Maybe they’d like to get various styles with different outfits or to have spare shoes when other pairs get soaked and dirty.

4. Have you ever bought shoes online?
To be honest, I’ve never do online shopping for shoes. Instead, I prefer to visit stores because I can touch the product to decide whether it’s good or not.

Hi Simon,

I got a typo for answer number 4, it should be: I've never done.

Robot Topic

1. What do you think of robots?
Well, to be honest, I suppose that robots are the advanced and creative invention of human. They help people solve a lot of things which people can not solve. For example, they can go through toxic areas where people may be in danger if they do it.

2. Did you watch any cartoons related to robots in your childhood?
Well, to be honest, I am a big fan of cartoons, but I didn't watch any cartoons related to robots when I was a kid because I think it was not realistic and not excited.

3. Do you like the idea of robots helping you at home or driving your car?
Well, I suppose that I really like the idea of robots helping me at home because my family is really busy. For example, my mom spends much time for working in the supermarket for earning money and I have to go to school from 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM, so we do not have enough time for doing housework. However, I do not really enjoy the idea of robots helping me driving my car because I have no car now. Actually, this idea will take many taxi drivers lose their jobs in the future.

Shoes topic

1.Do you like to buy expensive shoes ?
Well, to be honest, I prefer to purchase comfortable and cheap shoes than expensive shoes. Because I am not a big fan of luxurious fashion.

2.When you buy shoes, do you prefer convenience or style?
Well, to be honest, I prefer to put on my feet pairs of shoes which is comfortable and practical rather than style. Because I am not keen on state-of-the-art fashion.

3. Why do you think some people buy many pairs of shoes?
Well, I suppose that a number of people purchase a lot of pairs of shoes because they have to put them on their feet everyday for working or doing exercise or entertaining. Moreover, they could be showed their style by these pairs of shoes.

4. Have you ever bought shoes online?
Well, to be honest, I have not purchased shoes online although it is on trend. Because I could not try to put pairs of shoes on my feet and the quality of these online products could be worse than realistic products when they are delivered to me.

>.I think robots are symbols of human's intelligence and creativity and they are very useful and practical.
>.Of course I did. When I was about 8 I watched a Japan cartoon named Astro Boy. There is also a famous movie called Transformers.
>.I would like to use robots to help me when I'm driving or doing things at home. It relieve me from my daily routine which gives me more spare time to enjoy myself.

What dou ypu think of robots?
- İn my opinion nowadays robots are the best invention of human being. İn the nearest future our life will be affected by robots and they will interfiere to all parts of our life.
- Unfortunately, İ didnt have any chance to watch films about robots. But it doesnt mean that i dont like to watch. İ try to watch films about robots now.
- Absolutely yes. As a lazy oerson i hate doing housework like cleaning,cooking or other things. İ wish in the future this kind of works would be done by robots.

Do you like to buy expensive shoes?
- To be honest, i dont like to buy anything expensive:). But it undeniable fact that if you want the quality you must pay more. The good shoes have good prizes. Thats why i have to buy expensive ones.
- İt is about what kind of shoes i need. For example,when i buy shoes for a speacial day like a wedding or party, i give attention to style of shoes much more than convenience. But when i need shoes for casual i try to come together style and xonvenience. And give more opportunity to convenience.
- İ am one of them, who buy many pairs of shoes. Because, İ think that shoes is the main part of peoples' style. İf you want to look syylish you must pay attention to your shoes. You must have shoes to go to any occasions. The other factor of having many shoes is that nowadays people spend a loy of time for going somewhere and walk a lot. İn this case shoes is damaged very often. For to prevent this kind of situation you must have different choices. Day by day you need to change your shoes.
- İt is risk to buy shoes online. For this reason İ have never courage to buy shoes online. İ think that you must try, walk a little bit to sure that it is comfortable. You must touch and be aware of the material if it is real leather or not.

I got exactly the same questions (shoes) in latest ielts exam about 1 month ago.
I had never seen such questions as well and I got terrible score at speaking part from the test...
(of course, the part 1 questions was not the only reason of the score. haha)

Hi simon, can i ask you question about old topics ?
First, can i use the expression "i like the sound of harp because i get relax by listening it" or instead of get relax should i use "relaxing me" ?

Second, is it true to say "i am dressing according to fashion" ?

I gave speaking test today in pakistan. It was about shoes in first part
In second part tell about a cafe experience
In last part question regarding the topic
Of cafe.

I got the same questions for part 1 on 29 th August in Sri Lanka

Part 1

What's your full name.
Which what part of the country you are from?
Do you like the place you live?
Will you stay in this place in the future?

Let's talk about robots.
Do you like robots
Do you like robots in your house
Have you enjoyed cartoons with robots when you were a child?
Do you like to have a robot in your car?

When you buy shoes would you go for appearance or comfort
Have you bought shoes online.why/
Why not
Some people have lots of pairs of shoes ? What do you think about that?
Would you go for costly shoes?

Part 2
Cue card
Describe an incident when you got excited when you were trying to do an activity for the first time.
What was the event
When was this
Why it was so exciting?

Part 3
Have you told this incident to others?
Why do you think some people take more risks in their lives?
What are the consequences of taking risks
Do you think you should avoid all risks?
Should there be some guidance when children take risks?
What can the government do to reduce risk taking behaviour ?
Do u think people learn from their past mistakes than from success
What do you think of living in a society where no one take risks?

hi teacher,
i'm quite yuong to ask you about hte ielts exam and because of that i'm so sorry if i've made any grammar mistake!
i'm confident to say that i have have a good acent even i'm not a native speaker ( i come frome vietnam) but my problem is i always say something too long and not directly so no one can really understand what i said
Can you tell me some tips to getting better at speaking?
thank in advance

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