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May 05, 2017


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Dear Simon!
Let me ask you one question please. We know that there are 2 types of spellings: color and colour. The first one is the American English and the second one is the British English. If I'll write the American English word in IELTS exam could they consider it as wrong answer?

Would be very greatful for your reply.

Don't worry. American spelling is also accepted.

Can it effect our score on exam if speak more for every question and examiner stops us more?
Thank you for answer in advance!

Hi Farrukh,

Actually, if you are willing to go through this blog, you will find your answer. This website is rich of information and advice related to IELTS. You could use its search box to find something that you are looking for. Common questions like spelling, what to expect in part 1 to part 3 in the IELTS exam and so on were already answered well by master Simon. I, for example, always examine this site first, before asking to master Simon. As I am convinced that my question has been asked by another student.


Hope this helps!

Thank you for advice. i will do as you said next time.

The same Q was asked to me : Describe a situation that made you laugh

Thank you for advice!

I just gave my IELTS speaking test yesterday.

For part 2 I was asked to describe which weather I enjoy the most. What do I do in that weather? Why is it enjoyable? What feelings are associated with it.

It was relatively simple. Hoping to get a good score.

For part 3 the discussion revolved around global warming.

this is an interesting question. Honestly, I never think specifically about my happy moment. Let me recall....yes so far I remember it was a day when I received my UK visa from British High Commission in Dhaka.
Before I knew the result on the website, BHC sent me an email for the collection of passport and visa. The email confirmed the date and time of the appointment. On the day of appointment, it was a few second away to get the result. I was frigheting but thrilling inside on mine because I knew that I will get a visa since I met all the visa requirements. When I received my passport in hand, I was scared to open however finally I got to open and found the visa sticker attached on my passport. I felt like clenched my fist and say just 'YES' got it.

Hi, Simon. Can I ask a question? Do I need to cover every ideas on the cue card in part 2. Thank you so much

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