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May 12, 2017


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Yes,I do think seasons still affects our behaviour in many ways.We do our dressing according to the weather.The clothing available in the market too represents the weather.Our daily routines is greatly influenced by season.For example,in Pakistan people enjoy the sunshine in winters .They enjoy the rainy day because most of the time it's dry and hot.However,I don't think that in terms of eating habits we don't need to change it as most of the markets import food so we can buy any thing in any season.

Yes when I got this information first I was just thanking you and though that I have been preparing since January,2016 but nobody mentioned this.

I am grateful to you

definitely, I believe that seasons can greatly influence or change people's attitude and behavioral action. For example, in the winter season, people wear the heavy jacket with fashioned hat and scarfs that offer to express many choices regardless of age, race or color. In addition to this, in the winter season, people always change their choice of food which is completely different from the summer and other seasons.

Yes, seasons influence on people behaviors. We adapt our daily routines according to the season daylight time. For example, in the summer we have more daylight time so people are more active which in turn effect on people's happiness. Research findings confirm that people in the winter become more depressed due to cold weather and lack of sunlight. Furthermore, in the summer we wear light and few clothes so we feel more freedom. On the other hand, in the winter because of wearing a heavy jacket and a boot.so, you don’t like to move a lot. However, nowadays, foods are not depended on seasons any more. Due to widespread exchanging goods in all over the world, people have easy access to wide variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Do you think the seasons still influence people's behavior?

Yes, I do believe that almost all aged and all stairs people's behavior are mostly influenced my all the seasons.The reason behind this every season comes with special traits and entity. For example, summer season comes with huge worms that people can not wear thick clothes even people's eating behavior also changed greatly over that period of the season. People tends to go for iced and cold food to balance the temperature of their body demands.
On the other hand, in the winter season, the temperature goes down to intolerable for the human body. people forced to wear heavy duty clothes with worms scarfs, socks, and hand gloves. During this period of the season, people also enjoy fruits and vegetables that keep body healthy and nutritious all around the year.

Yes,i believe that the seasons do influence people as the mode of dressing change from wearing thick clothes during the wet seasons and during the summer,they opt for light clothes.So also,there is a lot of family camping outside and also picnicking at the parks.During the wet season,a lot of persons are afraid to drive because of the fogs and frostiness,unlike the summer.Moreso,during the wet season,shopping for teas and coffee are high compared to the summer,just to ward of the cold.However,in summer a lot of persons from different countries travel.

Personally, yes. Due to the seasons still affect people's attitude and behavioral action, we adapt our habits and daily routines during the time of the year. For example, many shops will go for a song all their items before summer vacation in order to cater for new garments' civilian in demand. Even so, i do not think we notice the change in sesons when it come to food; there are't diffirences between sesonal food and import food.

In my point of view,season definitely effect on people's behaviour.They have do different activities according to demand of weather or season.people wear heavy cloth in winter and light or few in summer,also in summer children enjoy more holidays as compare to winter.Due to which they spend more quality time with their parents.for example people do travelling and like to go cold places .

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