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May 24, 2017


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1. Introduce the topic (e.g. People's opinion vary regarding pupil's homework...)
2. While others believe that home assignments significant in the schooler's education, I am of the opinion that teachers are ought no to give it for several reasons.

Homework plays an important role
3. Topic sentence - Some believe that homework plays a vital role in educating school children.
4. Firstly: The main reason is that it can help children slowly learn the subjects, so by Major Exams come, they are fully prepared to apply what they have learned.
5. Example: Majority of Asian young students are loaded with many homework by their teacher, and as a result, they always garner the top scores in every competition of major subjects such as Science and Math.
6. Secondly: They also thought that homework does not only relay the lessons of a subject but also teaches patience and discipline to young schoolers in their free time at homes.
7. Finally: They also believe that an early age, a child must learn to simulate of having tasks and projects deadline which are common in a career workplace.

Homework should not be given
8. Topic sentence (e.g. On the other hand, I think that home assignment is unnecessary)
9. Reason: This is because it makes the school children stressful
10. Result: children cannot comprehend anymore due to bountiful workload from schools and with the addition of homework, these made them tired and become hateful towards their schools and teachers.
11. Example: In Norway, pupils there does not have a homework and they have the shortest school attendance per week, and as an outcome, their students have lots of time to play, unstressful growth development and they rank number one amongst young students globally in terms of students output in Science and Math.
12. Thus, homework is not needed to reflect how the outcomes of children if compared amongst other countries.

13. Repeat / summarise

Here you are capable of seeing my answer:

Fierce debates have been provoked if assignments ought to be done by students. Even though some may not share my viewpoint, I am inclined to believe that children tasked with doing homework will be considered more conscientious down the road.

Hardly ever do parents owning only one child put stress on their child when it comes to raising, seeing that they have experienced lots of hard times once parents themselves were a little child. Also, believing in what is told by teachers is often times less valuable, fathers and mothers’ advice has been realized more prudent to educate teenagers for many. Furthermore, this opinion has been holding that did students choose their own affections for which they revere most, youths would not be frustrated that much during school time.

“Practice makes perfect”. Edison could not have been known as a well-educated elite unless he had had perseverance and hardworking enough. Despite having passion and talent, a sheer amount of practicing is required to accomplish one’s ambitions. This is where homework comes to play its prominent role. Moreover, ruling over themselves, students should take a certain amount of assignment. A tangible example would be that a clerk, whom was forced to do his homework when he was at school, will be undoubtedly regarded as one of the best work forces in the eyes of his manager. In addition, children, given no assignment, will be taken into account lazy since they have no duty to be as worthwhile as their homework.

The conclusion to be drawn is that doing assignments would be vital for bringing up children properly if it was precisely, knowingly, and thoughtfully provided.

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Provided by Kami

Resp Sir,

I have one query regarding essay like following:

The natural resources such as oil, forests and fresh water are being consumed at an alarming rate. What problems does it cause? How can we solve these problems?

Can I structure taking each of three individually and telling solution? or it is better way to structure traditionally.. Body para 1 - problems and body para 2 solution.

Which one it well organised?

thank you,



The question as to whether or not it is necessary for pupils to do homework has been debated for decades. Although there are some merits of doing homework, I would argue that homework is not as vital as the public reckons.

Admittedly, children can benefit from doing assignments even if, occasionally, it is too demanding to bear it. For instance, they are capable of practicing what they have learnt in lessons, providing them a possibility to discover their weakness and misunderstanding. In addition, parents or guardians have an opportunity to get involved in their children’s learning in lieu of merely caring about their test results. Furthermore, pupils are likely to perform better in academic achievement with repeated practice.

On the other hand, a bunch of homework might lead to a stressful and miserable life and ruin pupil’s childhood, which is supposed to be carefree as opposed to being depressed. Children will have more spare time to spend with their families or on their recreations if homework is scrapped. For example, they can learn to play instruments such as piano, guitar and drum, as a result, they might become more creative and versatile. Alternatively, they are able to be healthier by working out after school without distractions. On top of that, they can do a wide range of activities, like cooking, shopping, playing intelligent games, with their parents or siblings, and this is definitely worthwhile since an intimate relationship with families is the crux of happiness.

To sum up, despite the fact that homework is beneficial to pupils’ school grades, I completely agree that it is more valuable for children to concentrate on other things and be with their families after school.

There are different views on whether school should be given homework or not. Homework can sometimes be helpful to children, but in my opinion, children will benefit more if they do not have assignments.

Homework can bring basic benefits to both teachers and school pupils. Through homework, teachers have a clear judgements on how their students perform, and according to the assignments, teachers are able to adjust the pace of the teaching in order to ensure that no students fail behind. Also, homework helps students view the knowledge they learn from the class. When they find difficult to finish homework, they will realise that more time and efforts should be devoted. At the same time, children have definitely different angles of thinking, therefore, various solutions of the homework will come along. Children learn from others.

Despite the advantages above, having no homework is more important to young children in the long run. Firstly, children have their own ways to acquire knowledge, and homework might not be suitable to some children who are more productive by teaching themselves. Secondly, without homework after school, children could allocate more time to explore what they are passionate about or develop their hobbies. For example, some children are really interested in sports or music, and they should be encouraged to study these
instead of being forced to work on assignments. Finally, once children find what truly interest them, they will certainly be more motivated and apply themselves because of their passion.

In conclusion, without homework, children are more free to explore their interests and be dedicated to their choices, and I think this is more important than having homework.


Could someone assess my essay about the topic as below?
Any response would be welcome in advance.

A few individuals believe that teachers should not give students homework, while most people believe that homework is vital for the young in the education sector. In this essay, I am going to examine the questions from both points of view, and then give my opinion on this matter.

On one side of the argument, there are people who argue the benefits of getting rid of homework from the students. The main reason for believing this is that they would like to secure more time for the young in order to spend more time in what they really want to do. It is also possible to say that they are able to utilize much more time to attend other personal tuition out of school. To illustrate this, recently plenty of students are taking part in private institute after school because they will pass a couple of coming crucial examinations in order to join the reputation schools.

On the other hand, it is also possible to make the opposite case. It is often argued that completing homework is necessary to revise for what students have learnt from their teachers. A second point is that it is worthy that they have experienced to achieve their goals when they have accomplished their own assignments. Moreover, by doing this the students figure out that they are responsible for completing their tasks, so that will be helpful to work in a workplace in future. For instance, I am sure that my potential learning ability has been improved by accomplishing homework in school.

In conclusion, I believe both arguments have their merits. On balance, I feel that providing the students with homework by their schoolteachers is one of the useful methods to fulfill an essential educational purpose that is to teach students for how to get the achievement and the responsibility for their goals.

please check and comments are accepted.

People have different views about homework given by teachers .Although there are some advantages of class assignments, I would argue it is better if the work is within acceptable limits
A lot of parents support homework but that is not surprising. Firstly, students who complete homework seem to have better grades. This positive attitude of task completion within the allotted timeframe promotes accountability. This will definitely help them to grow into disciplined adults who can meet deadlines. It helps to create regular habit of reviewing the portions .So the student can maintain the habit of retention of information and this student enjoy learning and do not squeeze himself at the time of examination .Moreover, the student who can maintain timetable for regular study, also will have enough time to engage in activities that keep him relaxed and entertained.
On the other hand, the practice of giving homework has its disadvantages. Now many teachers burden students with excessive tasks. They forget that students need time to play, watch television and go out with parents. After spending several hours in classroom, they need a break from books at least when they reach home .Many students now stay up late to complete their homework. When they reach school the next day, they find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. This affect their academic performance .Furthermore, Academic performance cannot be the only the yardstick of excellence. Children need to develop well-rounded personalities. This wouldn't be possible if they wouldn't get time to focus on extra- curricular activities.
To sum up, since home work is gainful for students, teachers need to ensure that they are not burdening students with excessive tasks.

Most people would argue that teachers should not give homework to their student, meanwhile others believe that homework plays a significant role when children are educated. While I accept that homework is a important element in the education of children, I would argue that no more homework is better method for this problem.
First of all, homework is a significant factor, which impact on the education of children. Because if they want to have better score in their tests, they have to practice more and more before doing their tests. For example, teachers have usually given their students much homework and have noticed them to try hard with this. Otherwise they will lost their point in their exams.
However, this action will affect on psychology of school children, for instance, they can be stressful as a result of finishing that homework in short-term. Therefore, teachers should not create an under study pressure to their children by giving them the massive quantity of homework. For example, in Finland, teachers always allow their students to experience what they are taught so that they can be inspired in their study instead of doing much homework.
In my view, no more homework is better method for the study of school children. Because, I suppose that children in school prefer to undergo everything what they learn rather than try hard in homework what they can not be inspired. For example, teachers in Finland told that the secret which had improved the study in their country in 2006 was no homework given to their school children.
In conclusion, both giving homework and no homework at all are extremely good method in the education of school children. However, I believe that homework should not given to students by their teachers is better method.
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Hi Peter;
One Grammar mistake that you made is in found by first glimpse of me in your introduction. Meanwhile is quite tricky one to use, seeing that it is used like " while and whereas" in terms of meaning while the application of that is quite different. The corrected sentence of your introduction is :

Most people would argue that teachers should not give homework to their student. Meanwhile, others believe that homework plays a significant role when children are educated.

Try to use conditional, which is found in your introduction, more impressive with regard to precise grammar structure. Secondly, Do not forget to put a dot at the end of your sentences. Even that simple thing is not forgotten while your writing is checked. Finally, attitude to/towards NOT attitude of.
Best luck

Hi DJ,
If the permission was given to me, I would mention two points that came to my mind ratter questionable. In the first place, what do you mean by "to secure more time for the young"? I am afraid of the correct use of verb secure there. Secondly, it is better to say " the young " as it is used as a noun.

Keep going

Hi Kami,

thank you so much.it is my second trial.

Hi Simon/peers,

Please have a look at my essay below, all comments are welcome.

People have different views as to whether homework is needed as an essential part of the education system. While some people believe that homework is unnecessary, I would agree with those who argue that homework should be given to students.

To a certain extent, having no homework for students can be seen as an advantage. They are less likely to experience stress and pressure, which would lead to an improved quality of life for the students themselves and their parents. In fact, having no homework at all is the key to improving children’s academic performance, because it allows their brain to develop and learn naturally. For example, homework is not required for students in Finland, yet Finland’s education system is recognised as one of the best in the world. This is because a child’s brain is more capable of acquiring knowledge in a stress free environment.

Despite the above arguments, I believe that it is more beneficial for children to have homework. Firstly, homework is a good way to reinforce students’ learning. If no homework exercises are given to students, it is impossible for them to remember the materials that they have learned at school. Secondly, children can develop a sense of perseverance and become more disciplined by doing their school homework regularly. Finally, I personally believe that the more time children spend on doing homework, the more likely it is for them to achieve higher scores.

In conclusion, although having no homework for students might seem sensible, I believe that homework still plays a vital role in school’s education systems and children’s learning.

Hi Frankie,

Your grammar and structure of your essay is acceptable.However, there is some points to notice:
Firstly,try not to give your opinion several times with just one repetitive phrase.Secondly,I as a reader expected that the author's opinion should have been on the second paragraph's view predominantly because those reason mentioned in the second paragraph are more stronger than the others.
Good luck

It is often argued by some that homework should not be given to students, while other favour the homework giving pattern in schools. In my opinion, homework is important part of the education system, but it should be given in limit, so that it doesn't make the child stressful.

One the one hand, in this competitive world more stress is given on child's education, specially making them study not only in school but also at home, by giving them homework which makes the kid stressful and burdened. This causes child to spend a lot of time after school in books or in coaching centres which should be spend with friends playing and developing a hobby so that there is all around development of kid. Also, it has been observed that children often miss school if they fail to finish the assigned tasks and lie to there parents which put a bad effect on child mentality.

On the other hand , there are many reasons where homework has been beneficial for child's education. To begin with, pupils tend to pay more attention in school because they knew they may have to finish the assigned tasks related to that after school. Furthermore, it will prepare the child slowly and gradually for the master exam at the end of the semester. Finally, the most important point is that, it teaches the child to take the responsibility of the assigned task that too within time constraint and face the consequences of not fulfilling the objectives.

Finally, in my opinion, homework should be given to students by teachers but in limit which can be one subject a day which makes the kid responsible and also help him manage the time effectively between study and play. Homework should help in increasing the leaning capability but not stress.

Hi Simon and peers,

Here is my exercise. Any comment is welcomed.
Students usually are asked to do tons of homework by their teachers. Some people are totally opposed to homework, while others believe it is important for students to do homework.
Without homework, students don’t have to spend the whole day dealing with the difficult mathematical questions and repeating writing the same English words. They can acquire more than academic knowledge when there is no homework. For example, they are able to know how to get along with others in a socially responsible way. What’s more, children shouldn’t be deprived of happiness by forcing them to do lots of homework. Being happy can contribute extraordinarily to their mental and physical health.
On the contrary, some people hold the view that homework plays an essential role in students’ study. Homework helps them remember and comprehend what they have learn in class. If they don’t have to do homework, they will immediately forget the knowledge and are not likely to perform well at school, especially for those who are not good at self-controlling. Homework prevents students from spending all the extracurricular time on entertainment, making sure that they pay enough attention to study.
As far as I can concern, homework is necessary for students, but it shouldn’t take all their time. Appropriate amount of homework can help them understand the knowledge and promote better academic skills. When they finish homework, they are able to make relaxation and develop other abilities which won’t be taught at school.

People have differing views with regards to the question of should homework be banned. While I accept that homework plays crucial part in the effort to improve the performance of students in class, I would argue that it would be much better to have no extra work for them at home.
On one hand, the option to give students home assignment after each class is advantage to some extent. It is necessary for students to revise the lesson at home in order that they are able to fully understand of what is conveyed in the previous lecture. Therefore, the aim of giving tasks for students before they leave the class is to provide learners with extensive practice, and thus, widen their comprehension of the lesson. Moreover, youngsters are recommended spending time learning at home instead of playing video games or accessing to social network which distract their attention from studying.
On the other hand, it seems to me that children should not be given more work to do at home by their lecturers because of some undeniable drawbacks. Firstly, doing huge amounts of work can obviously cause negative effect on children's health. Young people can feel stressed when they have to sit for hours trying to finish their duty. Secondly, compelling students to do homework can be counterproductive as they spend less time with their family and obviously no time for sport or any other activities. Consequently, some adolescents tend to be more reserved as they end up lacking social skills and passion from their loved ones.
In conclusion, while homework can help to better student's academic performance, I believe that other activities should also be considered equally important.

Hi Simon and everyone.

This is my first time to post my essay.
If you have time, please take a look and give me some advises.
My last writing score was 5.5.


Some people would argue that homework is unnecessary activities after school hours, other people believe that homework indicates a significant role in their study. I would discuss with these ideas, while I believe the no homework policy provides a better children's prosperity.

There are several advantages to have the no homework program in their education system. Young people allow to have more time after school, which mean they do not require to sit in front of their desks. They would be allowed to participate their interesting activities, such as joining in the local sport clubs and train with their peers, practising some music instruments or helping family businesses . Having these time would provide physically, socially and mentally healthy environment for children. In addition, their body might produce more adrenaline and other positive hormones from these activities. Therefore students would concentrate their school work and keep high motivation in order to study in classroom without homework, also they might have a high achievement in their main subjects.

On the other hand, homework provide some benefits to children. Firstly, if they have homework from school, it would give them a study habit as well as a time management skill and a satisfaction in order to complete their tasks. Secondly, homework provide repetitive practice which encourage children to remember important formulas in main subjects.For example.I practiced so many times to remember the times table when I was a student. The homework forced me to study, otherwise I would not have memorised all the times table. Finally, these homework give students to have enough confidence to take any exams. it would be less stress for young people.

In conclusion, while I agree with some positive aspects of homework,I believe the idea of homework free scheme provide children to do better performances.

School assignments are an important part of education, some people argue that students should not be given homework after school. I completely agree with this idea that students should be encouraged to engage in other activities after school.

There are several reasons why homework is vital for students. It helps students to develop a sense of responsibility. By being assigned a task one day and knowing what has to be done by the next day. This helps them to develop a sense of punctuality when they turn the work in on time. Furthermore, completing homework makes students smarter. It improves the functionality of their developing brains by challenging these young learners to recognize and negotiate the task. Consequently, these skills boost their ability in terms of problem-solving. Finally, homework provides students with an opportunity to involve their parents. When students are stuck on the task, they tend to ask their parents for the help. As such, it brings the relationship closer between students and their parents.

Despite all of these factors, there is still a valuable role for extracurricular activities that are engaged in as well as homework. I would argue that students should be encouraged to undertake in other activities that they are interested in after school. Students often find homework very boring and tedious, and they only do it because they are asked to. As a result, they might miss out on opportunities such as playing sports with others, activities that could improve their physical health and develop interpersonal skills, life skills that are arguably of equal importance to academic performance. Furthermore, children are perhaps exhausted after school, they would need to some time to relax and take their mind off work. The pressure of completing homework would result in adverse effects in their attitude towards learning.

In conclusion, while it seems requiring students to do homework can be beneficial, I believe that they should be engaged in other activities that help them grow too. Despite this, it cannot be denied that homework forms and essential part of a child’s education

Its a wrong that that school kids does not have any necessity of educational cost. All things considered this the great method to train more things out of school to their youngsters cause some time we got the examination focuses in classroom and we modest to make any inquiry to our instructor ( might be he/she is strict), and when we have any uncertainty then we can clear it on the educational cost time. So it's anything but an awful way, this is useful for understudy that more 2 hour go through with a guide.

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