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June 30, 2017


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Nowadays everyone likes to travel. Some people travel alone while others prefer to travel in a group. Discuss both approaches. Give your own opinion with relevant examples from your experience.

Plz any one help me for some good point

Dear Simon and All,

As per Simon's advice, I started to work on my vocabulary and went through some Simon's vocabulary lesson in this web site.I found lot of good vocabulary in this site as well as some other ways. My question is, do I need to memories all these vocabularies? If so, are there any method or way to remember those worlds and phrases?
If you can give peace of advice on this or share your experience it will be really helpful for me as well as others those who have similar issue.

Thank you very much.

I think the way you shared here are very similar to that of body paragraphs of writing task 2. Am I right?

Hi any one help me to write above essey

I have big problem to for writing

So plz any one help

This is recent exam question

Travelling give pleasures to our routine activities, but it depends on trips and tour on the bases of different perpose.as my view both travelling approach are important in one life

On one hand, if one decide to go with the perpose of enjoyment, get fun and cost efficiency, obviously one like family tour or group tour. This type of trip one can not enjoy alone so here companions are very significant. Secondly, in groups tours, one can get good deal on accommodation, travel fair and outing. One have to share all expenses with companions. Moreover help to some difficult situation such as lost places.

On other side, one have business and go on business trip then one can not go for enjoyment. Here groups is not matter but one meet the person for his business perpose. This type of trips serve the special perpose and set a particular goal to achieve. For example, my father have business of export import and in month he has at least one business meeting with their client for expansion of their business. My father always travel alone for this type of tour

In conclusion, travelling is dependent on the perpose which relax person by enjoyment in group or with coworker.

Plz any one help me for more idea

Hi Simon can u help me to give more idea in this topic

I highly appreciated any one help

Dear Simon,
Part 2 - Talk about a present you received
Can I talk about present that I received in the past, present and present that I want to receive in the future??
Because one website suggests that strategy for part 2.
I'm afraid it will be off topic.

Hello Simon, I wonder this matter for a long time, is IELTS speaking allowed to link the words while speaking? For instance: talk about>talka bout,a lot of> a lo tof, and also will there be some extra points if I use it?


Yes, that's normal speech.

Hi simon

i am a great fan. i am following ur advice and am up for ielts on 29th july.
i wanted to ask that i scored a 6.5 in writing in my previous/1st attempt at ielts. my requirement is a band 7.5 at least.

can u recommend the number of essays i should get checked from ur colleagues? and at what date should i get them checked? i mean now- when i have just started preparation or a week before my ielts.


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Dear Simon,

I wonder if the word 'welcome' in the answer part of the 1st question shouldn't be 'welcomed'.




I think that the two points made are separate.

I like to feel welcome.
I like to be valued as a customer.

One doesn't usually say that they feel welcomed just as you wouldn't want to feel valued, you'd want to be valued.

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