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July 02, 2017


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Dear Simon,
I just found your weblog yesterday! I know that it is not a good idea to ask something irrelevant to your post in comments section but I will appreciate it if you could help me. I took Academic Ielts 2 years ago to continue my studying and my band scores were:
Listening: 8 Reading: 6.5 Writing: 6 Speaking: 7
Now, I am going to take another Ielts in General module in 5 months to achieve band score 8 in listening and band score 7 in other skills. I am wondering in order to reach this goal I need to exercise and spend time on just reading and writing or I have to allocate equal time for any skills? Please let me know what you think about this situation.
Thank you for your useful materials and lessons on your weblog!

Dear Sue,

I hope you and John with your children are well.
I am writing to you to find your help in translation my degree certificate into French. The document is attached.

As you know, I've passed the final exam to get a new job. It will be done if I could give the employer my degree certificate in French with the original one. The dateline will be the end of this week. I'm worried about it and you are my hope!

I think it will take you no longer than a half an hour or even an hour to translate this document into French, in which you are an expert. Please let me know if you can see me tomorrow or Thursday.

This is a golden chance to me to get a perfect job. I hope you can understand this unexpected situation.

Don’t forget the plan on ride bicycle next weekend. Belong to forecast, it will be nice for outdoor activities.

Waiting for your reply. See you soon.


Hi Simon,

I noticed that you wrote 'I can come to see you whenever suits you best.' Can I say 'whenever it suits you best.'? I googled this question; some people said that 'it' should not be omitted. Could you please help me about it? Thanks very much!

Hi Simon
You said that we need to focus on vocabulary rather than grammar..could you please suggest some words that could be used in most of the essays and letters??
One more thing..how many bands get deducted if both your essay and letter goes under length??
Because I caused this blunder in last test and got only 5.5 in writing.. while got 7 in rest of the modules..

Hi Simon,

My name is Tei.
I will take IELTS general exam next week.
I just wonder if I have to introduce myself at the begging of letter or not.
Because, for example, when you complain something to a store/company, I feel I need to introduce myself first as people of the company must be not aware of me personally...
However, when I read your answer, you always start writing with the purpose.

Im just wondering if the examiners will care about the self introduction for the writing test.

It would be really appreciated if you could advise regards to this question.

Thank you for your assist in advance!!

why haven't you put comma after "speak soon" ?


Is this sentence right : I am writing to ask for your help with my car that I need to have prepared .

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