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July 17, 2017


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Dear Simon, I have learned a lot from your blog recently. Thank you so much!!! However, I am really confused by one type of question (do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages).You put it like ‘this question can be answered by giving both sides or by supporting only one side, depending on the view that you express in your introduction'; while you also class this type as a ‘discussion + opinion question’and we are supposed to "discuss both sides and make your opinion clear too". So, should I mention both advantages and disadvantages; or,am I allowed to just discuss advantages if my view is that there is no disadvantages(theoretically)? What if my view is that the advantages are far more than the disadvantages? Can I just discuss advantages? Hope you know what I am trying to express.( ╯□╰ ) Thanks again!

Hi simon, thank you so much for your lessons
I would like to ask you a question
In speaking part 3, you suggest that candidates should follow 3 steps when they answer. However, for candidates that can already fill up the answering time with what ever comes to their minds, is the 3-step technique still necessary?
looking forward for your answer
best wishes


I definitely recommend that you mention both the advantages and disadvantages, and say which side you think "outweighs" the other. Don't just discuss one side.



Personally I can answer questions with whatever answer comes into my head. However, I still find it better to follow the steps. So, even an expert user of English will benefit from having a method and a structure.

Thank you very much!Good day!

Dear Simon,
I couldn't find the answer to this topic in your website. Could you please help me to find it.


I have problem in listening maps and multiple choice qustions
Suggest me tips sir...

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