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July 05, 2017


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Hi Simon,

There is one thing that I do not really understand throughout your teaching as you do not seem to favour the use of 'moreover' while here in the UK I frequently see people using it in a variety of contexts. Could you justify your advice?


hi Mr.Simon
i was reading writing task 2 tips of Pauline Cullen and there was written:
"In reality, there is only one type of essay question in IELTS – a question that forces you to take a position and clearly outline your argument and ideas." is it always the same without exceptions?

Dear simon

can we write opinion for both views?

for example,

one the one hand (homework is important because improve self learning and problem solving.....).
However,i believe that doing homework is not so beneficial because children may copy answer as there is no direct supervision of teacher

On the other hand(peolple think that homework is unnecessary burden............................).
I believe this view of giving homework free education is advantageous because of less stress on students...)

Kindly reply

The above question type is 'discuss both views and give your opinion

Hi James,

The main reason I don't like the word "moreover" is that so many students seem to think that it is such a great word to use - as if this one word is going to help them to get a high score.

Another reason is that students often use "moreover" as a direct synonym of "secondly" i.e. to introduce a new point. "Moreover" should be used when you're adding detail to your current point, rather than introducing a new one.

Finally, I personally don't like using "moreover" in the writing task because it can seem a little too formal and 'forced' in the context of a "high school style" essay (which is how I often define IELTS writing task 2).

I hope this helps!


Hi Jamshid,

Yes, I'd agree with that, although I still think it helps to put questions into 4 basic categories.


Hi Cheeno,

Yes, you can do that.

Thank you very much, Simon. I'm really pleased to have your detailed explanations.

Have a nice day!

Thank you so much Simon..

Plz send me proverbs sir..

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