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August 12, 2017


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hi simon many thanks for giving us such a valuable information.i have a question, if we write for example"she gave me an advice"
is it wrong or right?as you said "an advice" is wrong?

A few uncountable nouns I can think on top of head are


According to Oxford dictionary, advice could be countable or uncountable noun, depending on its meaning in the context. if advice means recommendation or information (archaic form), then it is uncountable noun. So, advice must be used without 'an' or 's'. I think that, most of the time, advice is used by this meaning. But, if advice means a formal notice of a financial transaction, then it is countable noun.
if you aren't sure about something, just do a quick search on internet or look up a dictionary.
Actually, Simon just wants us to use the plural form of uncountable nouns in correct manner, and his examples are quite done well. I, personally, often say that "Could you give me an advice?" which is wrong.
PS: English is quite crazy, isn't it?

I would like to add one uncountable noun which appeared in a real listening test: chocolate.

James Z
Chocolate is also a countable noun when it means a sweet or a candy.
For example, box of chocolates.

Works (related to art, music,..)


garbage, travel, time, food, furniture, shopping,

Oh no! Now I just know "advice "cannot say 'an advice '
Good to know!

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